Zlatko Zahovic Biography, Net Worth, Career, Early Life

Zlatko Zahovic is a retired Slovenian professional footballer, who was once considered one of the greatest football players in Slovenia’s history. Born on 1 February 1971 in Maribor, Slovenia, Zahovic was raised in a loving family that supported his dreams of becoming a footballer.

Early Life and Education

Zahovic grew up in Maribor, Slovenia, and was raised in a traditional Catholic family. He started playing football at a young age and quickly fell in love with the sport. Zahovic was a natural talent, and it wasn’t long before he started attracted attention from various football clubs in the region.

Zahovic went to school at Gimnazija Ptuj, a prestigious high school in Slovenia. Despite his passion for football, Zahovic was a dedicated student who maintained good grades throughout his academic career.

Career and Achievements

Zahovic started his football career playing for Maribor, a local football club based in Maribor, Slovenia. He quickly became a standout player for the team, scoring numerous goals and leading them to several victories. Zahovic’s impressive performance on the pitch didn’t go unnoticed, and it wasn’t long before he was signed by the Portuguese club, Porto.

While at Porto, Zahovic was a key player for the team, helping them win several titles including UEFA Cup and Primeira Liga. Zahovic was renowned for his free-kick abilities, scoring several crucial free-kicks throughout his career. In 1999, Zahovic was signed by Valencia, one of the top football clubs in Spain.

During his time at Valencia, Zahovic became a star player for the team, helping them reach the UEFA Champions League final in 2001. He also won several major titles with the team, including two La Liga titles. Zahovic’s departure from Valencia in 2002 was a controversial one, but it didn’t diminish his reputation as one of the greatest players in the club’s history.

Zahovic returned to Slovenia in 2002 to play for his hometown club, Maribor. He helped the team win the Slovenian PrvaLiga in the 2002-2003 season and retired from professional football in 2012.

Endorsements and Net Worth

Throughout his career, Zahovic was recognized for his talent and was linked to several major endorsements deals. He was signed by Nike, and he appeared in several advertising campaigns for the sports company. Zahovic’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million in US dollars. In Nigerian Naira, Zahovic’s net worth is around 4 billion naira. In Canadian dollars, his net worth is around $13 million CAD, and his net worth in Kenya shilling, Ghana cedi, South Africa rand, Uganda shilling, and India rupee are approximately KES 1,101,600,000, GHS 58,420,000, ZAR 132,630,000, UGX 6,115,000,000, and INR 739,596,000, respectively.

Awards and Nominations

Zahovic won several awards and accolades throughout his career, including the Slovenian footballer of the year award three times. He was also named in UEFA’s team of the year twice, in 2001 and 2002. Zahovic was included in the “Golden Foot Legends” list in 2011, established by the Italian Association of Football Legends.

Personal life

Zahovic is married to his high school sweetheart, Natalija Skopljak. The couple has three children together, two sons and a daughter. Zahovic is known for his love of cars and has a collection of luxury vehicles. He also owns a house in his hometown of Maribor.


Zlatko Zahovic is considered one of Slovenia’s greatest football players and a legend in the sport. His talent, dedication, and hard work on the pitch have earned him numerous accolades and awards throughout his career. Zahovic’s personal life is as impressive as his professional one, showing that he is not only a great footballer but also a loving husband and father. He continues to inspire young footballers around the world to dream big and work hard to achieve their goals.

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