Yikangi Was Bittered For Lack Of Sponsor To Promote Nupe

Nupe School is having about 20,000 followers both on Social media, physical, and oral but unfortunately, it’s lacking Government Sponsor. Does it mean that we have no Nupe Philanthropist?

The Award leading Nupe actor Jibrin Bala Jibrin Yikangi spoke on Prestige FM Radio yesterday where he said;

Nupe Film is today about 15 years old after it renaissance by the Late Sadisu Muhammad Teacher Yekondunu but unfortunately her elites neglected it in a wood sphere.

These guys are only working hard to meet up with their zeals to promote Nupe kingdom through hard labour.

The same thing applicable to the 2- year old Nupe School.

See, the position you are into today, somebody was there yesterday. So, do what is right for you today so that you shall be remembered tomorrow. What kept you existing even after your death is your steadfastness.

Please assist us spiritually and financially.

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