Usman Baba Patigi (Samanja) Biography, Career & History

The famous Usman Baba Patigi popularly known as Samanja Mazan Fama, he was born in born 20 May, 1942. Samanja Pategi is also a retired Nigerian Army officer who served in Military during Nigerian Civil which was know as (Biafra War). his partners also known as Yusuf Ladan, Mamman Ladan and Idi Jibril an NTA staff introduced the Hausa comedy which was later renamed to Kannywood, Northern Nigerian films or Hausa films in 80s to the Northern audience of Nigerian.

Usman Baba Patigi Profile – Personal Information – Date Of Birth, Age, Nationality and Country – State Of Origin – Tribe & Religion – History Of Samanja Pategi

Real Name: Usman Baba
Father Name: Etsu Patigi Umaru Patako
Mother Name: Under Research
Relatives: Late Etsu Patigi Umaru Ibrahim Chatta (Brother)
Born: 20-May-1942
Wives: 3 Wife’s but 1 has passed away
Children’s: 20
Nationality and Country: Nigeria
State of Origin: Kwara
Occupation/Work: Nigerian Army & Broadcaster
Rank: Captain
Marital Status: Married
Origin/Ethinc/Tribe: Nupe
Religion: Islam
Retired: 1986

Usman Baba (Samanja) Biography

Officer Samanja was born into the royal house of Patigi Emirate in Pategi town, Middle Belt of Nigeria. He is the son of Etsu Usman Patako, The late King of Pategi. Samanja started his early education in Patigi primary school and then he procceeded to Ilorin Middle School. Usman Baba later went to Kaduna to live with his uncle Alhaji Audu Bida which he later became his assistance at home.

Samanja also worked with public works department in the mechanical store, before joining Northern Broadcasting Corporation, (NBC) in Kaduna.

Usman Baba joined the Nigeria Army in 60s, he was Nigerian Army captain during the Nigerian civil war (Biafra War), before joining Nigerian Army, he came looking for youth in Northern Nigeria to volunteer on behalf of him, then he left the Broadcasting cooperation to join the army and trained at the Signal Training School, Apapa, he served under General Sani Abacha and General Sani Sami.

Later he retired in 1985 and went on for acting career drama at the FRCN Kaduna which he also direct and writes movies, mostly he was known as Samanja Maza Fama, the word meaning Sergeant-Major (SerMajor) due to the experience he got in his army career.

The popular Nigerian Broadcasting Officer Samanja is one among the notable Nigerian actor known as (Samanja) and Chika Apala known as (Zebrudaya) mostly in the movies industries and where guest honours at the dinner of art theatre in the National Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners (NANTAP)

Captain Samanja Patigi Acting Career

Usman Baba who was born into the royalty Family of Patigi emirate, he was also the heir to the Etsu Patigi Emirate, but Samanja pursued his dreaming of becoming Broadcaster, after reported being the main candidate for his father and great grandfather throne as Etsu Pategi, a Nupe town in now Kwara state his father was the Etsu Usman Patako, the king of Pategi town and also his grand father was a king which later his father succeeded him after death.

Samanja sacarified and declined to be Etsu Pategi (King of Patigi, Kwara state) because of the career he aim to be, he left the throne for his little brother Etsu Umaru Chatta who died in 2017 and was succeeded by Umaru Bologi. in olden days Officer Samanja mostly appears as a police or soldier in their common practice and dramatize moves in the movie industry, when asked he said due to the experience he got in as army, I decided to use the way they react, moves and commands that’s where the origin of the name (Samanja) came from the way Sergeant and Major do control and commands the order ranks officers.

Usman Baba also stated that acting gives him more joy and happiness that’s why he retired from Nigerian Army and returned to his acting career after Accomplishing Nigerian Biafra War in 1970. Samanja mostly performed in the Army Day Celebration, even the one as General Ibrahim Babangida in Lagos and Aso Rock Presidential Villa, Abuja and that of Maryam Abacha.

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