Untouchable Comedy Biography, Net Worth and Comedy Videos

Untouchable Comedy is a who? Ugwu Chibuike Gabriel, better known by his stage moniker Untouchable Comedy, is a well-known Nigerian comedian, actor, and practical joker. He was born on On July 8, 1995.

He has a reputation for playing practical jokes on people’s girlfriends, boyfriends, and even acquaintances. He is renowned for his compassion and willingness to assist strangers.

Untouchable Comedy is one of Nigeria’s most in-demand comedians today thanks to his success in the entertainment business.

He has distinguished himself from his corporate peers by being charitable. He cares for the underprivileged and shares his identity, as he has done on numerous instances.

He is much more well-liked and well-known for his charitable endeavors than for his captivating and incredibly amusing videos.

Untouchable Comedy shoots on the streets and uses them as a platform to find the next person to benefit from his generosity; in order to do this, he has had to travel from Lagos to the states of Enugu and Cross River in order to give money to those in need.

Biography Profile

Real Name: Ugwu Chibuike Gabriel
Nick Name: Untouchable Comedy
Date Of Birth: On July 8, 1995
Age: 28 year’s old in (2023)
Nationality: Nigerian
Country: Nigeria
Occupation: Comedian, Prank star, Actor
Twin Brother: Ugwu Emmanuel
Religion: Christianity
Tribe: Igbo tribe
State Of Origin: Enugu State
Net Worth In Naira: ₦420,000,000 (NGN)
Net Worth In Dollar: $600,000 (USD)
Net Worth In Euro: €590,000 (EUR)

Comedy Career

When he was a student at the university in 2017, Untouchable Comedy began his vocation. He once shared his films on social media, but they quickly went viral.

But he put a lot of effort into getting to where he is now. His big break came after one of his videos went viral and lots of people began looking up who he was. Read and also download sabinus comedy.

Untouchable Comedy is a comic, prankster, and Nollywood actor in addition to being a comedian. He debuted as an actor in the Nollywood film “Stone of Wisdom” with Nollywood stars.

Untouchable Comedies has been known to pull a variety of pranks on people, including electric phone, loyalty, and juju pranks. He has also gone undercover as a crazy person to look for people who are still being good, and he rewards them with cash and cell phones.

He produces humorous and relatable material. The comedian was born and raised in the East, and in his videos, he typically portrays a native doctor while occasionally speaking in his mother language of Igbo to further the effect.

Chibuike Gabriel is the king of pranks in Nigeria, but he
uniquely does his thing. The comedian pranks lovers to test
their loyalty to each other in their relationships, and he helps
maintain uprightness in society in some ways.

In some of his prank videos, he would deliberately drop money
sometimes to see who would return it, and he rewards

He first encountered Precious, a fruit vendor, in one of the routine prank videos. When asked what she planned to do with the N15,000, she was willing to take off her t-shirt in exchange for it and responded that it would help her company.

Being touched by compassion, he coaxed her into joining his production team and removed her from the unlivable shelter she was occupying.

His Social Media Profiles and his Comedy Videos

Below are where you can watch and download Untouchable Comedy Videos.

Facebook: His Facebook Page
Instagram: His Official Instagram Account
Twitter: His Real Twitter Page
TikTok: Watch and Download his Reels Videos

Educational Background

Untouchable Comedy completed his elementary and secondary education in Enugu State. After earning his senior secondary school diploma and first school leaving diploma, he continued his education at the university and graduated in January 2022.

Date Of Birth

Untouchable Entertainment was founded when? On July 8, 1995, Untouchable Comedy was founded in Enugu.

Parent and Family

Family, Parents, and Siblings: Mr. and Mrs. Ugwu from Enugu State are the parents of Untouchable Comedy. He is the last of her parents’ children. He also has a twin sibling and two older sisters and brothers.


Untouchable Comedy was how old? As of 2024, Untouchable Comedy will be 28 years old.


What faith practiced by Untouchable Comedy? The religion of Untouchable Comedy is Christianity, not Islam. At the time, it is unknown where he worships.

State Of Origin

Untouchable Comedy is from what state? Chibuike Gabriel, better known as Untouchable Comedy, is a native of Nsukka, Enugu State, in the southeast of Nigeria.


Untouchable Comedy is a Nigerian by nationality.


Who is Untouchable Comedy’s tribe? As his moniker suggests, Chibuike Gabriel is an Igbo.


Who is Untouchable Comedy’s father, and what are his identity and likenesses?
The creator of Untouchable Comedy is Mr. Ugwu. Even so, there are still many unknowns about his father.


Mrs. Ugwu from Enugu State is the mother of Untouchable Entertainment. Her mother, who is still living, continues to pray for and show her son motherly love as she supports his career.

Siblings Brothers

Absolute Entertainment possesses two siblings, one of whom is his twin. The names of his twin sibling and older brother, respectively, are Ugwu Emmanuel and Ugwu Vitalis. Ugwu Vitals works as a specialist in the medical field.

Siblings Sisters

The two stunning sisters of Untouchable Comedy are all married women. Phebe Gabriel and Precious Gabriel are his sisters’ names.

Twins Brother

A cousin of Untouchable Comedy? Untouchable Comedy’s Chibuke Gabriel does indeed have a twin sibling named Ugwu Emmanuel. The University of Nigeria, Nsukka, is where he received his degree.

Awards and Nominations

An honorable mention comic is Untouchable Comedy. The humanitarian award was presented to him on September 18, 2022.

His Height and Weight

The height of Untouchable Comedy. Untouchable Comedy is 168.5 centimeters (5 feet, 8 inches) tall. He acquired a bodily mass (weight) of roughly 79kg as well.


With whom is Untouchable Comedy romantically involved?
Untouchable Comedy is presently dating a stunning woman, though it is unknown if they are engaged.

His Girlfriend

Who is the partner of Untouchable Comedy?
Although he hasn’t publicly identified his girlfriend on social media, Untouchable Comedy is dating a stunning lady.

His Marriage and Wedding Pictures

Untouchable Comedy is a married man. Untouchable Comedy has never performed at a white wedding and is not yet married.

His Wife

Untouchable Comedy is not yet married, so he does not currently have a partner. Untouchable Comedy is a talented, good-looking, and energetic young guy who is driven to succeed in the entertainment business.

His Children’s

Is Untouchable Comedy a parent? No, Untouchable Comedy doesn’t have children yet because he hasn’t been married and isn’t currently living with a partner.

His Car’s

Chibuike Gabriel, also known as Untouchable Comedy, has amassed enough wealth from his career in comedy to be able to purchase any vehicle of his choosing.

Untouchable humor to his social media pages to let everyone know that his new Toyota Vehicle would be arriving on May 29, 2022.

His Phone Number

Untouchable Comedy hasn’t made his phone number public because he likes to keep it private, but you can get in touch with him through the social media accounts listed above.

Untouchable Comedy Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of around $600,000 equivalent to about ₦420,000,000 Million Naira in Nigeria currency, morever his net worth in European currency is around €590,000 Euro. He Archived his wealth from his professional career.

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