Unstuffed: A Build-A-Bear Story (2023) Download Video

Unstuffed: A Build-A-Bear Story (2023) Download Video

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A new film titled “Unstuffed: A Build-A-Bear Story” has been released by Build-A-Bear Entertainment today, on October 3, 2023, as announced in St. Louis through PRNewswire. The documentary has been directed by the noted documentarian, Taylor Morden, who also directed “The Last Blockbuster.” The film is a clever and unique mix of media that seeks to explore the reason behind Build-A-Bear Workshop’s continued relevance across decades. The film focuses on the company’s mission to “add a little more heart to life” by examining interviews with celebrities and corporate personnel up-close and revealing their remarkable story that charts their entrepreneurial inspiration that led to fad-like success in the late 90s, all the way through tumultuous economic downturns and the ongoing global pandemic that has forced their mall-based retail operation to evolve, all without sacrificing their heart and soul.