Top 10 Most Beautiful Kannywood Actresses

Here on this page, we discuss about the top 10 most beautiful kannywood actresses. Kannywood is the movie industry in Nigeria which specializes in production of Hausa language films.

The popularity of the industry goes beyond Nigeria as some the movies produced here have large number of viewers in other parts of Africa and beyond.

Kannywood has a lot of talented beautiful actresses that are household names among viewers based on their impressive performances in movies. To see the first last beautiful actress, kindle scroll down to see her name on our list of top 10 most beautiful kannywood actresses.

Though Kannywood is the Hausa language movie industry in Nigeria, there are definitely people who are not originally Hausa but can speak the language, and as such, act in the industry.

The focus of this list is on Hausa actresses in kannywood. Below are the list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Kannywood Actresses.

1. Hadiza Aliyu Gabon

Hausa, Hadiza Aliyu Gabon Beautiful Kannywood Actress

Hadiza is a pretty and talented Gobonese who has found her place in Kannywood.

Her pretty looks and impressive interpretation of roles have distinguished her in the industry.

Hadiza Aliyu popularly known as Hadiza Gabon was born in Libreville, Republic of Gabon on 1st June 1989, she is the daughter of malam Aliyu who is an elder state man.

She also attended both primary school and second school in Gabon where she obtained her school leaving certificate.

Gabon have won many awards like the best Actress jury award at the 2nd kannywood award which was hosted by MTN, the young Hausa kannywood actress is a proud founder of HAG Foundation , a charity organization helping the less previllage in the society. Hadiza Gabon is one of the top 10 most beautiful kannywood actresses.

2. Samira Ahmad

Hausa, Samira ahmad best beautiful kannywood actress

Samira is one of the most elegant and prettiest actresses in Kannywood.

Her exquisite looks also reflect on her performances on screen as she is very good on the job.

Samira Ahmad is a one of the most beautiful and amazing veteran kannywood actresses who plays a good roles and interested acting in the movies.

Apart from her acting career, she is a businesswoman and interior decorator.

She was born on 24 September in Kano State in the northern part of Nigeria.

She grew up together with her whole parents, mother and father in Kano State. Samira Ahmad is also one of the top 10 most beautiful kannywood actresses.

3. Hafsat Idris

Hausa, Hafsat Idris most beautiful kannywood actress

The Kannywood beautiful actress Hafsat Idris is an indigene of Kano State, the northern part of Nigeria.

Hafsat Idris was born and raised in Shagamu, Ogun State.

 She joined kannywood film industry 2016 after she tried her hand in business, travelling most of the time from oshogbo to Kano for business purpose.

However, despite doing better in business, Hafsat’s desire tilted towards becoming an actress, She made her first appearance in Kannywood film industry in a movie titled Barauniya, she featured alongside with Ali Nuhu, Jamila Nagudu, and Fati Waraka where plays a leading role as Barauniya (A Thief). Hafsaf Idris is among the top 10 most beautiful kannywood actresses.

4. Rahama Sadau

Rahama Ibrahim Sadau one of the pretty hausa kannywood actress, Hausa

Rahama Ibrahim Sadau is one of the most beautiful kannywood actress, she was born on the 7th of December 1993, in Kaduna, Nigeria.

She is a multi-talented actress, model, movie producer, makeup artist and entrepreneur.

Rahama Sadau uses her personality to advocate for better living conditions for the less privileged in the society, including fight against harmful cultural practices such as child marriage in Northern Nigeria.

This is not surprising as she escaped getting married at the age of 13, thanks to her mother who cared about the future of young girls, including her daughters.

The unbelievable love and care she received from her mother contributed immensely in developing her talent and spurring her into stardom in the acting world.

This was because her mother wanted her to achieve what she wanted to be in life, though her parents didn’t initially flow with the idea of their daughter becoming an actress.
Rahama speaks Hausa, Hindi, and English language fluently. she is one of the top 10 most beautiful kannywood actresses.

5. Maryam Booth

maryam booth most beautiful hausa kannywood actress, Cute Hausa

Maryam Booth is a beautiful and talented kannywood actress, rising star who has great potentials.

Her attractive looks also make her a popular face in Kannywood screens.

Her first appearance in the Kannywood industry happened at the age of 5 and since that time her career has been unfolding quite quickly.

At the moment, she’s mostly engaged in supporting roles and waiting for a big chance when some producer will notice her and give her the role of her lifetime. Maryam Booth is among the top 10 most beautiful kannywood actresses.

6. Fati Washa

Fati Washa Cute kannywood beautiful actress, Hausa

Fatima Abdullahi Washa is a well-known beautiful actress un Kannywood film industry.

Her stage name is Fati Washa. She was born on February 21, 1993, in Bauchi state.

She is also known by other stage names such as Tara Washa or Washa.

As of 2018, Fati Washa is 25 years old, and she is single. Having a pretty and light-complexioned skin, Fati Washa is considered one of the most desirable actresses in Kannywood.

Fati Washa life history is quite obscure, but some facts have already been revealed.

What is known for sure is that she is beautiful, talented and one of the most expensive actresses in Kannywood.

Fati Washa is simply charming which makes her fans create a lot of groups on social media to promote her. This actress is one of the top 10 most beautiful kannywood actresses.

7. Nafisat Abdullahi

Nafisat abdullahi  beautiful kannywood actress, Hausa

Nafisat has one of the fastest growing careers in Kannywood and one of beautiful and pretty lady in kannywood.

She became famous within a very short while after her first appearance on Kannywood screens.

She has exquisitely pretty looks that is a delight for many lovers of contemporary beauty.

She’s slim and very beautiful with a dark complexion and very innocent appearance.

All this makes her a desirable star for many Hausa movie producers. Nafisat Abdullahi is one of the top 10 most beautiful kannywood actresses.

8. Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya

Aisha Aliyu tsamiyya beautiful kannywood actress Hausa

Aisha Aliyu Tsamiyya is a beautiful and young actress that has shown prospects to make it big in the film industry.

She was born in Nasarawa Local Government of Kano.

She went to Giginyu Primary and Secondary School and currently
pursuing her Higher Education.

Begun her acting carrier due to her interest in films to convey to her society, messages on social change.

Her first film was Tsamiya and recent film Rabi’a, Rayuwa Bayan Mutuwa, Uzuri and Dakin Amarya. Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya is among the top 10 most beautiful kannywood actresses.

9 . Rahama Hassan

Rahama Hassan Beautiful Hausa Kannywood Actress

Rahama is one of the most beautiful and sought-after actresses in Kannywood industry.

Rahama Hassan also has attractive looks which, when combined with her talents, make movies big hits among audience members.

This is why producers always scramble for her to take a major role in their movies. She is one of the top 10 most beautiful kannywood actresses.

10. Halima Atete

Hausa Halima atete most beautiful kannywood actress

The famous beautiful Kannywood actress Halima Yusuf Atete popularly known as Halima Atete (born 26 November 19).

Halima Atete is a Nigerian film actress and film producer, born and raised in Maiduguri , Borno state.

Halima Atete is well known in kannywood film industry for the role she always plays as the mischievous and jealousy fille – role

This list is definitely not exhaustive. There may be other beautiful Kannywood actresses that should be on this list but these ones mentioned here are truly hot.

Now what do you have to say about those beautiful actress listed on NupeBaze, performance in Nigerian Music Industry?, scroll down to drop your comment below!, and if there is any beautiful kannywood actress that omitted from this list, mention her on comment section. She is the last person on our list of top 10 most beautiful kannywood actresses.

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You can also scroll up to see again the first actress of top 10 most beautiful kannywood actresses.

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