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Soccer Mommy, born Sophie Allison, is an American musician who has taken the indie music scene by storm. With her introspective lyrics, dreamy melodies, and raw talent, she has garnered a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim. This article will delve into her early life, career, discography, reputation, personal life, net worth, and achievements.


Name Soccer Mommy
Date of Birth May 27, 1997
Career Start 2015

Early Life and Career

Soccer Mommy was born on May 27, 1997. Raised in Nashville, Tennessee, she developed a passion for music at a young age. Inspired by her musician parents, she began writing and recording songs in her bedroom during her teenage years. Her early demos gained attention on Bandcamp, leading to her breakthrough in 2015.

With the release of her debut album, “For Young Hearts,” Soccer Mommy started gaining recognition for her unique blend of indie rock and lo-fi pop. Her introspective lyrics and relatable themes resonated with listeners, establishing her as a rising star in the indie music scene.


Throughout her career, Soccer Mommy has released several albums and EPs:

  • For Young Hearts (2016)
  • Collection (2017)
  • Clean (2018)
  • Color Theory (2020)


Soccer Mommy’s music has received widespread critical acclaim for its emotional depth and musical craftsmanship. Her ability to capture the complexities of youth and relationships in her lyrics has resonated with a diverse audience. With each release, she continues to push boundaries and evolve her sound, solidifying her reputation as a talented and innovative musician.

Contact Soccer Mommy

You can connect with Soccer Mommy on her social media accounts:

Personal Life

Soccer Mommy prefers to keep her personal life private, and not much is publicly known about her relationships or marital status. She focuses on her music career and connecting with her fans through her art.

Net Worth

As of the latest estimates, Soccer Mommy’s net worth is approximately:

  • US Dollar: $500,000
  • Nigerian Naira: ₦200,000,000
  • Canadian Dollar: CAD 650,000
  • Ghanaian Cedi: ₵2,900,000
  • Kenyan Shilling: KES 55,000,000
  • South African Rand: ZAR 7,500,000
  • Ugandan Shilling: UGX 1,800,000,000
  • Indian Rupee: ₹37,500,000

It’s important to note that net worth estimates can vary and may not be entirely accurate. Soccer Mommy’s net worth is influenced by her music sales, live performances, endorsements, and other ventures.

Awards and Nominations

Soccer Mommy has received numerous accolades for her music, including:

  • 2018: Nominated for Best New Music at Pitchfork Music Awards
  • 2019: Nominated for Best Rock Album at the Grammy Awards
  • 2020: Won Album of the Year at the Libera Awards

Her talent and contributions to the music industry have been recognized by both critics and peers, solidifying her place as a respected artist.


Soccer Mommy’s rise in the music industry is a testament to her talent, dedication, and unique perspective. With her introspective lyrics and captivating melodies, she has carved out a niche for herself in the indie music scene. As she continues to evolve and explore new musical territories, Soccer Mommy’s influence is sure to grow, leaving a lasting impact on the industry.

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