Sirbalo Net Worth, Age and Biography

Sirbalo Net Worth, Age and Biography

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This biography information is about Nigerian comedian Sirbalo Comedy. One of the most active comedy scenes is in Nigeria. These comedians are skilled at turning almost anything into a joke by using their imagination and creativity.

It makes sense that many people are willing to pay thousands of naira to see these comedians perform live at events and shows.

You know, we frequently forget to set aside some time to relax and laugh because of all our busy schedules and future plans.

Thank you to all of the comedians out there that work so hard to make people laugh.
The gifted Timothy Obotuke, better known by his stage as Sir Balo, is one of the comedians you must have encountered in the Nigerian comedy scene. You can find out everything about Sir Balo in this page on NupeBaze.

Sirbalo Full Biography

Sir Balo, also known as Timothy Obotuke, is a Nigerian actor, comedian, YouTuber, social media influencer, and content creator. Sir Balo, who was born on March 27th, was raised in Warri, Delta State. The parents of Sir Balo are unknown in many ways.

Sir Balo was raised in a typical family. Prior to moving to Lagos to pursue his tertiary education, he also completed his primary and secondary education there.
He attended the esteemed Lagos State University, where he received his education.

Sirbalo Biography Profile

Real Name: Timothy Obotuke
Stage Name: Sirbalo Comedy
Nationality: Nigerian
Country: Nigeria
State Of Origin: Delta state
Date Of Birth: 27th March
Age: 30 years old
Religion: Christianity
Tribe: Itsekiri
Occupation: Comedian, Content Creator
Marital Status: Single
Girlfriend: Adibeli ifeoma faith
Net Worth In Dollar: $600,000
Net Worth In Naira: ₦265,956,000.00
Net Worth In Euro: €579,170.40

Sirbalo Age

Sir age will be around 30 year’s old but he might morethan that.

Sirbalo Date Of Birth

The birth year of Sirbalo is not on public, he has not share it on his pages but his birth month is 27 Marth.

Sirbalo Educational Background

The First School Living Certificate (FSLC) and the West Africa Senior Secondary School Examination Certificate are the results of Sirbalo’s completion of his primary and secondary education.

He received his tertiary education at the esteemed Lagos State University (LASU).

Despite being a graduate, Sirbalo decided against pursuing a career in academia and instead decided to start a career in the online entertainment sector.

Sirbalo Comedy Career

Sir Balo engaged in a variety of side jobs on Lagos’ streets before moving into comedy. Prior to his breakthrough in comedy, Sir Balo engaged in a good amount of hustle.

Around 2018, he began posting little comedic performances to his Instagram profile, he also future other Nigerian comedian Nasty BlaQ on his comedy skitt.
His ability to make people laugh and be creative quickly brought him a sizable following on Instagram.

He currently has over 360,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, over 840,000 followers on Instagram, and over 7,000,000 followers on Facebook.

Soon after, Sir Balo launched the Sirbalo clinic YouTube channel. Popular influencers and even famous people have shared his videos on various social media platforms. Sirbalo has collaborated with a variety of people, including Moyin, Officer woos, Small Daddy, Yawa skits, and many more. The young actress Moyin Dada, also known as Moyin, appeared in a comedy skit by Sir Balo, which made her famous.

Sirbalo Girlfriend

There is no evidence that Sir Balo is married or has children in the public domain. Although Sir Balo’s girlfriend is unknown, Adibeli ifeoma faith (Mama) frequently assumes the role of Sir Balo’s girlfriend in the majority of his skits.

Sirbalo House Apartment

The comedian posted pictures of himself in front of a sizable property on his official Instagram profile on MAY 8 2021.
Congratulations was written in the post’s caption. He became a member of Lagos’s newest homeowner league.

Sirbalo Cars

You can enjoy luxuries, notably the luxury of cars, if you’re rich and renowned.
Previously, Sir Ball had a Lexus RX 350 SUV.
He was, however, involved in a horrific accident that resulted in the destruction of that adorable car.
Fortunately, Sir Balo did not perish. Less than a month following the defeat, Sir Balo purchased a Mercedes Benz C-300.

Mercedes Benz has always been known for producing high-end vehicles that are both comfortable and efficient. No different is the Mercedes Benz C-300 SirBalo is the owner of. Attractive aesthetic features like rain-sensing windshield wipers, automatic LED headlights, and heated power-adjustable side-view mirrors with auto-dimming and power-folding capability are included as standard equipment on this sedan. The Mercedes Benz C-300’s base engine is a turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder unit that produces 255 horsepower and 273 lb-ft of torque. Gear shifting is handled by an automatic transmission with nine speeds. For Sale Mercedes Benz C300

Sirbalo Net Worth In 2022

The Nigeria skitt maker Sirbalo has an estimate net worth of around 600,000 US Dollar in 2022, that’s equivalent to about ₦265,956,000.00 in Nigeria currency, the source of his income is from YouTube, Advertisement, Endorsements and live performance.

Sirbalo Net Worth In 2021

The estimated net worth of Sabinus in 2021 is around $400,000 US Dollar, in this year 2021 he has already become a popular comedian in Nigeria and he has been making huge huge money.

Sirbalo Net Worth In 2020

The net worth of Sirbalo in 2020 is not much huge and it’s around $200,000 US Dollar, although his life has already changed, he has been living his luxury life for all this while, on this 2020 year his social media pages boosted with many followers around the world.