Sheikh Alhaji Alfa Darachita Biography and Career

Early Life and Education

Sheikh Alhaji Alfa Darachita, a prominent Islamic scholar of KinNupe, was born in 1945 in Darachita, a suburban area in Bida, Niger State. He came from a family of Alhaji Buhari Darachita Bida and attended the Kofar Eyagi primary school (now Etsu Umaru Sanda Ndayako primary school) for his elementary education.

Passion for Islamic Education

Sheikh Alhaji Alfa had a passion for Islamic education and its propagation right from his humble beginnings. He was trained to be a teacher while at the Arabic School in Sokoto and joined Darachita primary school in Bida where he started out as an Arabic teacher. Through the years, he rose to the position of headmaster, which he held until his retirement.

Rise to Prominence

Sheikh Alhaji Alfa’s passion for Islamic education led him to delve into Islamic preaching across the length and breadth of KinNupe. His name and preachings spread across the region, and he became a renowned Islamic scholar whose teachings are still listened to by millions of Nupe people.

Passing and Legacy

Sadly, Sheikh Alhaji Alfa passed away at the age of 75 on Wednesday, 9th October 2019, at the Federal Medical Center in Bida, Niger State, after a brief illness. Muslims and mourners from far and wide trooped into the ancient city to honor the late Islamic scholar whose role in the propagation of Islam in KinNupe didn’t go unnoticed. He is survived by four wives, 36 children, and many grandchildren. Sheikh Alhaji Alfa Darachita’s legacy as a great Islamic scholar of KinNupe lives on.

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