Sarah Jibrin Biography, Net Worth, Career

Sarah Jibrin is a renowned Nigerian politician who has made significant contributions to the development of Africa’s most populous nation. Jibrin is known for her unwavering commitment to public service and advocacy for women’s rights.

Early Life and Education

Sarah Jibrin was born in Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria. She grew up in a large family with ten siblings and was raised by her parents who were both teachers. Jibrin’s parents instilled in her values of hard work, education, and commitment to community service.

Sarah Jibrin attended Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and later obtained a Master’s degree in International Relations from the same university.


Sarah Jibrin started her career as a lawyer in private practice in Lagos state before venturing into politics. She served as a political adviser to the former governor of Kaduna state and later contested and won a seat in the National Assembly in 2007, representing her constituency in Kaduna state.

In 2011, Sarah Jibrin was re-elected to the National Assembly, where she served on various committees, including the Committee on Women Affairs, Committee on Law and Justice, and the Committee on Appropriation.

Jibrin was also appointed as the Chairperson of the Nigeria Women’s Parliamentary Caucus, where she advocated for gender-sensitive policies and laws to promote women’s rights and participation in politics.

In 2015, Sarah Jibrin was appointed as the Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. She served in this capacity until 2019 when she resigned to focus on her political career.

Political Record

Sarah Jibrin has a commendable political record, including but not limited to:

– Member of the National Assembly, representing Kaduna state (2007 – 2015).
– Chairperson, Nigeria Women’s Parliamentary Caucus.
– Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development (2015 – 2019).

Personal Life

Sarah Jibrin is a private person who keeps details of her personal life away from the public eye, but it is known that she is married and has children.

Net Worth

Sarah Jibrin’s net worth is estimated to be over $2 million, and in Nigerian Naira, her net worth is approximately ₦800 million. In Canadian dollars, it is worth over CAD 2.63 million, whereas in Ghanaian cedis, it is worth over GHC 11.6 million. In Kenyan shillings, it is currently valued at over KES 226 million, and in South African rand, it is worth over ZAR 31 million. In Ugandan shillings, it is presently valued at UGX 7.5 billion, and in Indian rupees, it is worth over INR 150 million.

Awards and Nominations

Sarah Jibrin has received numerous awards and nominations for her excellent contributions to public service and women’s empowerment. Some of her honors include:

– The Outstanding Leadership Award by the American Biographical Institute.
– The Zaria Professional Ladies Association’s Woman of the Year Award.
– The United Nations Development Programme’s Women’s Human Rights Defender in Nigeria Award.
– The Kaduna Youth for Change Award for Youth Empowerment.

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In conclusion, Sarah Jibrin is a remarkable Nigerian woman who has contributed significantly to the growth and development of her country. Her tireless advocacy for women’s rights and participation in politics has made her an inspiration to many young women in Africa and beyond.

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