R2Bees Biography, Net Worth, Age, Cars, House

R2Bees: Biography of Ghanaian Musician

R2Bees is a Ghanaian music group composed of Faisal Hakeem (Paedae da Pralem/Omar Sterling) and Rashid Mugeez (Mugeez). They are one of the most popular and influential music groups in Ghana.

Early Life

R2Bees was formed in Tema, Ghana in 2007. Paedae da Pralem and Mugeez were childhood friends, and they started making music together at a young age. They grew up listening to various music genres, which inspired them to create their unique sound.


R2Bees’ music is a fusion of Ghanaian highlife, hip-hop, and reggae. They released their first album, “Da Revolution,” in 2008. The album did not receive much attention, but R2Bees’ popularity began to grow after they released their second album, “Refuse to be Broke” in 2010.

The album featured hit songs like “I Dey Mad,” “Kiss Your Hand,” and “Agyeiii.” These songs became instant hits in Ghana and were played on radio stations and in nightclubs all over the country. R2Bees’ fan base grew rapidly, and they began to perform at concerts and events across Ghana.

In 2012, R2Bees released their third album, “Revolution II.” The album featured collaborations with a number of Ghanaian and Nigerian artists, including Davido, Tunde Ednut, and Sarkodie. The album received critical acclaim and won several awards.

R2Bees continued to release hit songs and collaborate with other artists. They are known for their energetic performances and their ability to get crowds dancing. They have performed at concerts and events all over Africa and beyond, including the United States.


Album Year Released
Da Revolution 2008
Refuse to be Broke 2010
Revolution II 2012
Site 15 2019

You can listen and download R2Bees music discography on Boomplay and other music streaming platforms.

Personal Life

R2Bees has managed to keep their personal lives private. It is not known if they are married or have children.

Paedae da Pralem has a degree in Business Administration from Valley View University in Ghana. Mugeez also attended college, but it is not known what he studied.


R2Bees is rumored to have a net worth of $7 million USD. This is an estimate, and their actual net worth may be different. R2Bees’ wealth comes from music sales, concerts, endorsements, and other business ventures.

They have not disclosed what cars they own, but they are known to be car enthusiasts. They have been spotted driving various luxury cars, including Mercedes-Benz, Range Rover, and Bentley.

R2Bees also own a house in Nungua, a coastal suburb of Accra. The house is quite impressive and has a five-star rating.

Here is an overview of R2Bees’ net worth in different currencies:

  • $7 million USD
  • ₦2.9 billion NGN
  • $9.5 million CAD
  • ₵39.4 million GHS
  • 2.5 billion KES
  • 107 million ZAR
  • 26 billion UGX
  • 505 million INR

Social Media

You can follow R2Bees on their social media accounts:

R2Bees is known for their unique sound, energetic performances, and catchy songs. They have become one of the most popular music groups in Africa and have inspired a new generation of Ghanaian musicians.

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