Pericoma Okoye Biography, Career, Age and Net Worth

Chief Pericoma Mezuo Okoye popularly known as Pericoma Okoye is an Nigerian singer, songwriter, and traditionalist, was born in 1948.

His first name, Perrycoma, can also be spelt Perrycomo, Perrycoma, or Perrykoma. He was mostly well-known in Igboland for his musical taste, strong religious convictions, and observance of Odinala, the Igbo people’s traditional religion. The famous Nigerian musician Speed Darlington is the son Of Pericoma.

Pericoma Okoye Age

His age is to be around 74 year’s old during his death.

Pericoma State Of Origin

He is from Imo state, one of the south western Nigeria states.

Pericoma Okoye Career

He held the Igbos spellbound with every track with his unique kind of music, which he called Folk singing which is essentially an oral representation of Igbo history with each line packed with meaning that can only be understood by the wise.

Aside from music, Pericoma appeared with Pete Edochie in the movie “Lion Of Africa” and until his passing, he served as the traditional prime minister of the Arondizogu people of Imo State. Soms of his songs can be download here on PraiseZion and also streaming here on Boomplay.

Pericoma Okoye, who followed the African Traditional Religion, was both a well-known musician and “medicine man” during his lifetime. Many in his community thought of him as a mini-god, hence the name “Arusi Makaja,” and he was feared most for the account of his encounter with Agberos, or transport workers, who allegedly demanded his tax receipts before lifting him onto their shoulders with the intention of carrying him to his office.

This incident temporarily halted the transport employees’ operations as they refused to leave their shoulders for hours despite their pleading and sacrifices to his divinity.

Pericoma Okoye Early Life

Okoye was born in Nigeria, more precisely in Imo State, an Igbo-inhabited state in the country’s east. He was born in the Arondizuogu community, which is spread throughout the Ideato North, Okigwe, and Onuimo local governments. In the biographical film Lion of Africa about Okoye, it is claimed that while Okoye was playing in the forest with his friends as a young child, he mysteriously vanished and couldn’t be found for several years. Okoye would later reappear out of the forest as a teenager with a variety of supernatural abilities.

Pericoma Okoye Personal Life

After a brief illness, he passed away on February 16, 2017, in an Okigwe hospital. His wives, kids, and grandchildren survive him.

Pericoma Okoye Son

Speed Darlington acknowledged Pericoma as his son after his passing and said that even though he detested him for killing people who had wronged him while he was alive, he regretted him now that he was gone.

Pericoma Okoye Net Worth

The net worth of Okoye is estimated to be around $300,000 US Dollar, he makes his income from his professional career.

His net worth in Naira is estimated to be around ₦132,978,000 in Nigeria currency.

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