Oby Kechere Biography, Net Worth, Awards, Career, Age

Oby Kechere Biography, Net Worth, Awards, Career, Age

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Nollywood has produced countless notable actors and actresses throughout its history, and Oby Kechere is among the brightest stars. She has risen to prominence in the entertainment industry with a slew of successful performances throughout her career. In this article, we will delve deep into the life, career, and net worth of Oby Kechere.

Early Life

Oby Kechere was born on July 27, 1980, in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. She spent her childhood in Lagos, where she would grow up to pursue her passion for acting.


Oby Kechere’s career in the entertainment industry began in 2006 when she made her debut in the movie “Bridal War.” This was followed by her appearances in the movies “My Own Share,” “Heart of a Widow,” and “Ukwa.”

Kechere became a household name in Nigeria after her impressive performances in the movies “Sister Mary,” “The Prince and the Princess,” “War Game,” and “Sons of the Caliphate.”

With a career spanning over a decade, Kechere has starred in more than 100 movies, making her one of the most sought-after actresses in Nollywood.


Below is a list of some of Oby Kechere’s most notable films:

  • Bridal War (2006)
  • My Own Share (2006)
  • Heart of a Widow (2007)
  • Sister Mary (2007)
  • Ukwa (2007)
  • The Prince and the Princess (2008)
  • War Game (2008)
  • Sons of the Caliphate (2016-2017)

Personal Life

Oby Kechere is married with children, although there is little information available to the public about her personal life.

Educational Background

Kechere attended the University of Lagos, where she obtained a degree in Creative Arts.

Cars and House

Oby Kechere has not publicly disclosed any information about the cars and houses she owns.

Net Worth

As of 2024, Oby Kechere’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000.00. In Naira, her net worth is approximately ₦181,500,000.00, while in Canadian dollars, it is CAD644,250.00.

Her net worth in Ghana cedis is GHS 3,015,000.00, while in Kenya shilling, she is worth KES 54,592,500.00. Her net worth in South Africa Rand is ZAR 7,395,000.00, and in Uganda shillings, it is UGX 1,809,000,000.00. In India Rupee, her net worth is INR 36,750,000.00.

Overview of Net Worth

  • Net Worth in Dollar – $500,000.00
  • Net Worth in Naira – ₦181,500,000.00
  • Net Worth in Canadian dollar – CAD644,250.00
  • Net Worth in Ghana cedi – GHS 3,015,000.00
  • Net Worth in South Africa Rand – ZAR 7,395,000.00
  • Net Worth in Uganda shilling – UGX 1,809,000,000.00
  • Net Worth in India Rupee – INR 36,750,000.00

Awards and Nominations

Oby Kechere’s superb acting talent has not gone unnoticed by the entertainment industry. She has been recognized with numerous nominations and awards, including Best Actress at the 2008 Africa Movie Academy Awards and City People Movie Award for Best Actress in 2016.

Social Media Accounts

Stay up-to-date with Oby Kechere’s life and career by following her on social media:

  1. Twitter – Oby Kechere
  2. Instagram – obikechere
  3. Facebook – ObiKeChere


Oby Kechere has earned her place in Nollywood as a talented and diverse actress. With numerous successful movies under her belt, she has shown that she is a significant force in the industry. Her passion for acting has taken her to where she is today, and we are all excited to see the next level of her career.