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Nneka is a Nigerian-German musician, singer, and songwriter known for her soulful voice and socially conscious lyrics.

Early Life and Education

Nneka was born Nneka Egbuna in Warri, Delta State in Nigeria. She grew up in a large family, and her father was a Nigerian medical doctor, while her mother was a German nurse. She spent her childhood in Warri before moving to Hamburg, Germany, with her mother at the age of 19.

She studied anthropology at Hamburg University before dropping out to focus on her music career.


Nneka began her music career while still in Hamburg, performing in local clubs and bars. Her breakthrough came in 2004 when she released her debut album, “Victim of Truth”. The album was critically acclaimed and won her several awards.

She followed up with other successful albums such as “No Longer at Ease” in 2008 and “Soul Is Heavy” in 2012. Her music often reflects her political and social views, and she is known for her advocacy for social justice, human rights, and environmental protection.


Nneka has released several critically acclaimed albums over the years. Her discography includes:

S/N Title Year Released
1 “Victim of Truth” 2004
2 “No Longer at Ease” 2008
3 “Soul Is Heavy” 2012
4 “My Fairy Tales” 2015
5 “Freedom Is Coming” 2021

You can listen to Nneka’s music on Boomplay.

Personal Life and Net Worth

Nneka is a private person, and not much is known about her personal life. She is reportedly unmarried and has no children.

She is known for her simple lifestyle and her love for nature. She is an avid environmentalist and often advocates for the protection of the planet.

Her net worth is estimated at $1 million (USD), which is equivalent to about ₦408 million (NGN), CAD 1.3 million (CAD), GHS 6 million (GHS), KES 109 million (KES), ZAR 15.4 million (ZAR), UGX 3.6 billion (UGX), and INR 72 crore (INR).

Nneka is active on social media, and you can follow her on:

In conclusion, Nneka is a talented musician with a message. She uses her music to advocate for social justice and to create awareness about important issues affecting the world. Her powerful voice and thought-provoking lyrics have made her one of the most respected musicians in the industry.

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