Nazifi Asnanic Biography, Net Worth, Age, Phone Number

Nazifi Asnanic Biography, Net Worth, Age, Phone Number

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Nazifi Abdulsalam Yusuf (born 2 February 1982) better known stage name Nazifi Asnanic[1] is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, director, and producer.

He was born and raised in the ancient city of Kano. Nazifi Asnanic often referred to as the Golden Voice,[3] he is recognized as one of the most successful Hausa artists of all time in the history of Kannywood.

He has received numbers of awards and nominations including City People Entertainment Awards as the best musician in 2014.[4] He was also among the Kannywood stars that received an award by Zamfara State government of Nigeria for their tremendous effort and contribution toward uniting and sustaining Hausa culture.[5] Nazifi Asnanic has featured, produced, and directed numbers of film in Kannywood.

Aminu Saira Profile – Personal Information – Date Of Birth, Age, Nationality and Country – State Of Origin – Tribe & Religion – Tarihin Nazifi Asnanic

Real Name: Nazifi Abdulsalam Yusuf
Father Name: Abdulsalam Yusuf
Mother Name: Under Research
Wife Name: Under Research
Born: 2 February 1982 (age 39) Kano, Nigeria
Nationality and Country: Nigeria
State: Kano
Occupation/Work: Producer • Director • Lyrics • Singer • Song Writer
Origin/Ethinc/Tribe: Hausa
Religion: Islam
Children: (3) Three
Notable Credits: Dawo Dawo
Years Active: Since 2000–present
Industry: Kannywood
Net Worth: $1,000,000 USD

Nazifi Asnanic Career In Kannywood

Nazifi Abdulsalam Yusuf (Nazifi Asnanic) begins his musical career in early 2000. In 2002, he dropped his debut album with 10 songs including Dawo Dawo.

He caught the attention of director, and Producer like Ali Nuhu and Aminu Saira where he sang for FKD production and Saira Movies in Ga Duhu Ga Haske and Sai Wata Rana.[6] Nazifi Asnanic released more 10 albums, and sold millions copies in Nigeria and worldwide making him one of the most successful in Kannywood. Apart from singing and music production, Nazifi has produced and directed a lot of movies such as Rai da Buri, Shu’uma,[7] Ba’asi and many more.

Nazifi Asnanic Discography/Nazifi Asnanic Album Studio

  • Labarina (2009)
  • Daga Ni Sai Ke (2010)
  • Bunjuma (2011)
  • Dan Marayan Zaki (2012)
  • Dakin Amarya (2013)
  • Rayuwa (2014)
  • Kambu
  • Ruwan Zuma ‘’(2013)’’
  • Abu uku

Nazifi Asnanic Filmography

List Of Kannywood Films/Movies of Nazifi Asnanic

  • Bilkisu Mai Gadon Zinari ND
  • Dare Da Yawa ND
  • Ga Fili Ga Mai Doki ND
  • Indai Rai ND
  • Kallo Daya ND
  • Makauniyar Yarinya ND
  • Miyatti… Miyatti ND
  • Almajira 2008
  • Jamila Da Jamilu 2009
  • Mata Da Miji 2010
  • Ga Duhu Da Haske 2010
  • Muradi 2011
  • Rai Da Buri 2011
  • Toron Giwa 2011
  • Dan Marayan Zaki 2012
  • Dare Daya 2012
  • Gaba Da Gabanta 2013
  • Lamiraj 2013
  • Rayuwa Bayan Mutuwa 2013
  • Shu’uma 2013

Nazifi Asnanic Contact Information – Phone Number, Email – Social Media Accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Email: Under Research
Facebook Page: @Nazifi-Asnanic
Twitter: @NazifiAsnanic
Instagram: @nazifiasnanic
Phone Numer: Not Available

Nazifi Asnanic Net Worth

Nazifi Asnanic has an estimated net worth of around $1,000,000 Million US Dollar, you can use online currency converter to convert it from Dollar to Naira or to your country Currency.