Mr Real Biography, Net Worth, Age, Cars, House

Mr Real Biography, Net Worth, Age, Cars, House

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Mr Real is a Nigerian musician best known for his hit songs “Legbegbe” and “Baba Fela.” He was born on the 8th of April, 1977 in Lagos, Nigeria as Okafor Uchenna Victor. He grew up in a musical family and began his career in music at a young age.

Early Life and Education

Mr Real was raised in Lagos, Nigeria. He attended primary and secondary school in Lagos. After completing his secondary education, he attended Lagos State Polytechnic where he studied Business Administration.

Music Career

Mr Real began his music career in 2009. He started as a music producer, making beats for other artists. He later started singing and released his first single “Faya Faya” in 2010. However, it was his hit single “Legbegbe” released in 2017 that brought him to limelight in the Nigerian music industry. “Legbegbe” was a nationwide hit and topped several music charts in Nigeria. The song featured collaborations with several popular Nigerian artistes including Idowest and Obadice.

Mr Real went on to release several hit songs including “Baba Fela”, “Onigbese”, and “Oloun”. His music blends different genres including Afrobeats, dancehall, and traditional Nigerian music.


  • Faya Faya (2010)
  • Legbegbe (2017)
  • Baba Fela (2020)
  • Onigbese (2020)
  • Oloun (2020)

Personal Life

Mr Real is a private person and keeps his personal life away from the public. It is not known if he is currently married or has any children.

Cars and House

Mr Real is known to have a taste for luxury cars. He owns a Range Rover Sport and has been spotted driving several other cars. He also reportedly owns a mansion in Lagos.

Net Worth

Mr Real’s net worth is estimated at $800,000 (in US dollars) as of 2023. In Nigerian naira, his net worth is ₦327,024,000. In Canadian dollars, his net worth is $994,768. In Ghanaian cedi, his net worth is GH¢4,613,184. In Kenyan shillings, his net worth is KSh87,349,600. In South African rand, his net worth is R11,505,600. In Ugandan shillings, his net worth is UGX2,963,200,000. In Indian rupees, his net worth is ₹58,240,000.

Overview of Mr Real’s Net Worth in Different Currencies:

Currency Net Worth
US Dollar $800,000
Nigerian Naira ₦327,024,000
Canadian Dollar $994,768
Ghanaian Cedi GH¢4,613,184
Kenyan Shilling KSh87,349,600
South African Rand R11,505,600
Ugandan Shilling UGX2,963,200,000
Indian Rupee ₹58,240,000

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In conclusion, Mr Real is a talented Nigerian musician who has made a name for himself in the music industry. His music continues to inspire and entertain millions of fans across the world.