Mike Ejeagha Biography, Net Worth, Age, House, Cars

Mike Ejeagha Biography, Net Worth, Age, House, Cars

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Mike Ejeagha is a prominent Nigerian musician known for his unique style of music. He was born on August 26, 1945, in Uli, Ihiala Local Government Area, Anambra State, Nigeria. His parents were farmers, and he grew up helping them on their farm.

Early life and education

Mike Ejeagha was raised in a rural setting, and he attended Central School in Uli for his primary education. After that, he proceeded to Anam Secondary School for his secondary education. Mike Ejeagha grew up listening to Nigerian highlife music, which inspired him to become a musician.


In 1960, Mike Ejeagha started his music career by performing in local clubs in the Eastern part of Nigeria. He later joined the West African Rhythm Brothers, where he played the trumpet. However, he later left the group to focus on his solo career.

Mike Ejeagha’s unique style of music was influenced by traditional Igbo music and highlife music. He sings mostly in Igbo, his native language, and his music is often accompanied by the sound of a locally-made guitar called the “ekwe.” Some of his popular songs include “Nduka,” “Onye Ori Utaba,” “Anyi Bu Ofufe,” and “Ife Onye Metalu.”


Here are some of the albums released by Mike Ejeagha:

Album title Year
Ole Akpe 1976
Onye Ori Utaba 1977
Akuko Uwa 1978
Uwa Marala Mpa 1979
Ndelibe 1982
Afia Sika 1984

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Personal life

Mike Ejeagha is a private individual, and not much is known about his personal life. He is reported to be married, but the identity of his wife is not known.

Net worth

Mike Ejeagha’s net worth is estimated to be $500,000 in US Dollars. In Nigerian Naira, his net worth is approximately 200 million Naira. In Canadian Dollars, his net worth is about 650,000 CAD. In Ghana Cedi, his net worth is about 2,900,000 GHS. In Kenya Shilling, his net worth is about 54,000,000 KES. In South Africa Rand, his net worth is about 7,400,000 ZAR. In Uganda Shilling, his net worth is about 1,800,000 UGX. In India Rupee, his net worth is about 36,000,000 INR.

Overall, Mike Ejeagha is a talented Nigerian musician whose unique style of music continues to influence the music industry in Nigeria and beyond.

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