Marcia Harvey Biography, Net Worth, Ex Husband, Early Life

Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife, Marcia Harvey: Early Life and Background

Marcia Harvey was born on January 22, 1955, in Ohio, USA. She was raised in her hometown, and her parents were African-American with strong religious beliefs—the Baptist Church.

Growing up, Marcia showed a great interest in academics and was an excellent student who had a strong desire to work hard towards achieving her education goals. She later attended a nursing school where she completed her studies and obtained her nursing degree.

Career and Achievements

After completing her nursing degree, Marcia Harvey began her career in healthcare, working as a registered nurse in several hospitals located in several states, including Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia. However, her career goals shifted in the late 1990s when she started working with her former husband, Steve Harvey.

Together, they started the Steve Harvey Foundation, aimed at empowering youth and promoting educational awareness among young people and assisted people in need. Marcia Harvey is well known for her social work and humanitarian efforts and has been awarded several awards for her contributions to the community.

Personal Life and Assets

Marcia Harvey was married to Steve Harvey for 14 years, and they had three children together before they got divorced. After their divorce, Marcia kept a low profile and focused more on her career and social work.

Marcia Harvey owns several assets, including a beautiful house located in Atlanta, Georgia, and a collection of exotic cars. She has an estimated net worth of $4 million in US dollars, which is equivalent to 1.5 billion Nigerian Naira and 17.2 million South African Rand.

With a significant contribution towards a better society, Marcia Harvey has received several honors, including awards from the Steve Harvey Foundation, which recognizes people who have significantly contributed to social and humanitarian causes.

Net Worth Overview

  • US Dollar: $4 million
  • Nigerian Naira: ₦1.5 billion
  • Canadian Dollar: CAD $5.1 million
  • Ghana Cedi: GHS 23.2 million
  • Kenya Shilling: KSH 432 million
  • South Africa Rand: ZAR 17.2 million
  • Uganda Shilling: UGX 14.9 billion
  • India Rupee: ₹295 crore

In conclusion, Marcia Harvey is a woman who has left a significant impact in the community through her social work and humanitarian contributions. She has achieved great success in her career, having worked as a registered nurse and contributed towards making Steve Harvey Foundation a success. Her assets, including her stunning home and exotic car collection, are a reflection of her great achievements.

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