Majek Fashek Biography, Net Worth, Age House, Cars

Majekodunmi Fasheke, popularly known as Majek Fashek, was a Nigerian reggae musician, songwriter, and guitarist.

He was born on March 7, 1963, in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, and passed away on June 1, 2020.

He was best known for his hit songs “Send Down the Rain,” “So Long Too Long,” “Holy Spirit,” and “Majek Fashek in New York.”

Early Life and Education

Majek Fashek was born into a family of four children. His father was an Ijesha man while his mother was from Benin City. He had his primary education in Benin City and later moved to Lagos, where he attended Adeola Odutola College, Lagos.


Majek Fashek’s music career started in the 1980s when he joined the group Jastix. The group included other local musicians such as Black Rice and McRoy Gregg. They performed at local shows and events in Lagos.

In 1988, he released his debut album, “Prisoner of Conscience,” which was entirely made up of socially conscious songs that addressed the political issues of the time, such as corruption, poverty, and inequality.

He gained widespread recognition with his 1989 single “Send Down the Rain,” which won several awards and topped the charts in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. He released several other albums, including “Spirit of Love,” “Rainmaker,” and “Little Patience.”

Majek Fashek’s music was a unique blend of African rhythms and reggae music, and his lyrics often had a spiritual and socio-political message.


Here is a list of Majek Fashek’s albums:

  • Prisoner of Conscience (1988)
  • I&I Experience (1989)
  • Spirit of Love (1991)
  • Rainmaker (1997)
  • Little Patience (2005)
  • So Long Too Long (2014)

You can listen to his music on Boomplay or follow him on his social media accounts Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Personal Life

Majek Fashek was married to Rita Fashek and had four children. He was known to keep his personal life private and away from the media.

Cars and House

Majek Fashek owned a Mercedes-Benz car and had a house in Lagos. However, it is unclear if he owned any other cars or properties.

Net Worth

Majek Fashek’s net worth is estimated to be around $200,000, depending on the currency exchange rate. Here is an overview of his net worth in different currencies:

  • Net Worth in Dollar: $200,000
  • Net Worth in Naira: ₦81,000,000
  • Net Worth in Canadian Dollar: CAD 250,000
  • Net Worth in Ghana Cedi: GHC 1,100,000
  • Net Worth in Kenya Shilling: KSh 21,000,000
  • Net Worth in South Africa Rand: ZAR 3,000,000
  • Net Worth in Uganda Shilling: UGX 745,000,000
  • Net Worth in India Rupee: ₹15,000,000

In conclusion, Majek Fashek was a legendary musician who touched the hearts of many with his music. He will be remembered for his unique style and message of love, hope, and peace to his fans.

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