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Luis Muriel, born on April 16, 1991, is a professional footballer from Colombia. Known for his exceptional skills and goal-scoring abilities, Muriel has made a significant impact in the world of soccer. This article will provide an overview of his career, personal life, endorsements, net worth, awards, and more.


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Date of Birth April 16, 1991
Career Start 2009
Goal Records Click here for a detailed list
Reputations Highly skilled, fast, and clinical finisher
Endorsements Various endorsement deals with top brands
Marital Status Married
Educational Background Information not available
Cars Details not disclosed
House Details not disclosed

Early Life and Career

Luis Muriel was raised in Santo Tomás, Colombia. From a young age, he displayed a natural talent for football and quickly caught the attention of local scouts. He joined the youth academy of Deportivo Cali, one of the top clubs in Colombia, where he honed his skills and developed as a player.

In 2009, Muriel made his professional debut for Deportivo Cali and showcased his immense potential. His impressive performances attracted the attention of Udinese, an Italian Serie A club, who signed him in 2010. Muriel’s time at Udinese proved to be a crucial stepping stone in his career, as he gained valuable experience and exposure to European football.

Over the years, Muriel has played for several top clubs, including Lecce, Sampdoria, and Fiorentina. He has consistently delivered outstanding performances, scoring numerous goals and earning a reputation as a clinical finisher. Muriel’s speed, agility, and technical abilities make him a formidable force on the field.

Personal Life

Luis Muriel prefers to keep his personal life private. He is married, but details about his spouse are not publicly available. Similarly, information regarding his educational background remains undisclosed.


As a highly talented and popular footballer, Luis Muriel has secured various endorsement deals with top brands. While specific details of his endorsements are not publicly known, it is common for successful athletes like Muriel to collaborate with companies in the sports, fashion, and lifestyle industries.

Net Worth

Luis Muriel’s net worth is estimated to be around:
– US Dollar: $10 million
– Nigerian Naira: ₦3.9 billion
– Canadian Dollar: CAD 12.7 million
– Ghanaian Cedi: GH₵57.8 million
– Kenyan Shilling: KSh 1.1 billion
– South African Rand: ZAR 147 million
– Ugandan Shilling: USh 37.3 billion
– Indian Rupee: ₹730 million

It is important to note that these figures are approximate and subject to change. Muriel’s net worth is influenced by his football contracts, endorsements, investments, and other business ventures.

Awards and Nominations

Throughout his career, Luis Muriel has received recognition for his outstanding performances. While he may not have won major individual awards, he has been nominated for various accolades, including the Serie A Team of the Year and the FIFA Puskás Award for the best goal of the year.

In conclusion, Luis Muriel has established himself as a highly skilled and influential footballer. With his exceptional goal-scoring abilities and remarkable speed, he continues to make a significant impact on the field. As his career progresses, it will be exciting to see what new heights Muriel can reach and the accolades he will earn along the way.

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