List Of Books Published By Ndagi Abdullahi Amana Nupe

List Of Books Published By Ndagi Abdullahi Amana Nupe

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  • Below are the list of books published by Ndagi Abdullahi Amana Nupe on 12th of November, 2010.
    Note: there are still hundreds of book that were not mentioned here
  • Philosophy Books

      1. The Secrets of Socrates: The Greek Philosophers were Black African Negroes!
      2. Ars Memorativa: Orality is Sacred, Writing is Evil
      3. Murdering Machiavelli: Confounding the Claims of Niccolo Machiavelli
      4. God Is A Dead Man: Friedrich Nietzsche the Anti-God
      5. Freud Freedom: The Fake Cry of Liberty
      6. The Danger of Knowledge
      7. The Cult of Reason: Rasa the Sara Age of Enlightenment
      8. The Power of Music
      9. Azygous Reality: Opposites Don’t Exist
      10. Nothing
      11. Masara-Aji: Greek Philosophy was African Folklore
      12. Hierarchy of Being
      13. Plato is Prophet Abraham!
      14. Aristotle is a Fiction!
      15. The Ancient Religion of Fara Safa: How Philosophy Originated from Africa
      16. The Very Ancient Pythagoras
      17. The Sankara Doctrine: Socrates was a Black African Prophet
      18. The Crown of Empedocles: Who Is Empedocles?
      19. Neo-Nasara: Jean Jacques Rousseau
      20. The Skepticism of Pyrrho
      21. Thales, Osiris, Prophet Salih
      22. Stoa Poikile?: Zeno and Stoicism
      23. The Sophoi Legacy: The Seven Wise Men
      24. Aristippus Slandered
      25. Hoary Thebes, Saba or Safa?: The Seat of Philosophy in Ancient Egypt
      26. Euclid and the Religion of Fara Mara
      27. Leucippus the Atomslayer
      28. Philo Judaeus
      29. Thales the
      30. On the Gods of Protagoras
      31. Western Philosophy is a Lie!
      32. The End of Time
      33. Novum Organum? Who was Francis Bacon?
      34. Behind the Curtain of Romanticism
      35. The Plagiarism of John Locke
      36. Hikmat Movement: Thy African Islam Cometh!
      37. The Cult of Da Vinci
      38. Spinoza the Enlightened
      39. Blavastsky and Theosophy
      40. The Corgito Rationalism of Rene Descartes

    Literature Books

      41. Ars Memorativa
      42. Writing and Idolatry
      43. Alphabets of the Psyche: Preliterate Civilisations
      44. Super Literacy
      45. Iqra!: Islam and the Bane of Writing
      46. The Return of Ubber Orality
      47. I Computer: Computers Will Conquer and Eventually Enslave Man
      48. The Orality of Religion: Religion Condemns Writing
      49. Safa: The High Orality of the Ancients
      50. The Death of Poetry
      51. The Son of Mary Arden: Who Wrote Shakespeare? There was no William Shakespeare
      52. The Morte of Malory: Sir Thomas Malory Never Existed
      53. King James the Author
      54. Okari Eme: Writing Originated from Africa
      55. Theatre of the Globe: How A Fictitious Western History Invented A Non-Existent Western Literature

    Science Books

      56. Empirica: A Call for the Abolition of Science
      57. One fact Against Einstein
      58. Non-Algebraic Calculus
      59. Alchemy Fraternity: The Cult of the Islamic Scientists
      60. The Mentors of Solon: How Science Originated from Africa
      61. The Myth of the Scientific Method
      62. Boskovijk: Vector and Scalar Science
      63. Sais: The Religion of Science
      64. Quantum is Wrong with the Theory of Gravity
      65. The End of Science: This is the Age of Technology
      66. The True Quest of Marie Curie
      67. Archimedes and the Screw
      68. The Anomalies in the Story of Isaac Newton
      69. Nicolaus Copernicus: The Earth Is Flat After All!

    Evolutionism Books

      70. Ouroboros: The Errors of Evolutionism
      71. The Theory of Devolution
      72. Boskop: The Homo species were Advanced than Homo Sapiens
      73. Sabbathanthropus: How the Apes Descended from Human Beings
      74. Billion Year Homo Sapiens
      75. There was Never a Stone Age!
      76. The Cretin of the Galapagos Island: DNA Destroys Darwinism
      77. The Heel of Elan Vital: No Transitional Forms
      78. The Fall of Lamarck: The End of the Theory of Vestigial Organs
      79. Survival of the Fittest: The Political Horrors of Darwinism
      80. The Non-Evolving Colecanth: Species have not been Changing

    Ancient History Books

      81. Grand Opera: The False Heroes of Europe
      82. The Hosts of Sakanda: Alexander the Great Is A Fiction!
      83. Urprotoprehistory: Yesterday Was Greater
      84. The Rivers Underneath: Subterranean Civilisations
      85. Snake Gods: The Reptilian Civilisations
      86. Horned Man: The People of Cernumos
      87. Where Is Paradise?
      88. The House of the Sun: Mysteries of the Pyramids
      89. The Sight of the Black Bird: Who Was Thoth?
      90. The Last of the Giants
      91. Lords of the Lizards: How Lizards Control Us
      92. Domain of the End People: They Live Among Us
      93. Lies of the British Anthropologists
      94. Who were the Dragons?
      95. The Coming Civilisation of Utopia: Millenarianism and How the Past Will Return
      96. Why the Deserts? The Super Civilisation of Masaharasia
      97. Agartha and the Hollow Earth Theory
      98. Babylon the Great Is Fallen!
      99. The Original Persia

    Sociology Books

      100. The Population Explosion Myth
      101. Fall of the Family in the West
      102. The Three Horsewomen: Nudism, Sex, and Pornography
      103. The Pink Plague: Pornography Conquers the World
      104. One Sex World: The Coming Age of the Fags
      105. Why Sports?: What They Are Not Telling About the Hazards of Sports

    Afrocentrism Category

    Ancient Africa Books

      106. Empire of the Ark: How Africa Ruled the Ancient World
      107. The First Tribe: Africa is Israel
      108. Black World Order: The Past and Future of Mankind are Black African and Negroid
      109. Masaharasia: The Rise and Fall of the Black African Negro
      110. The Rape of Europa: How the Europeans Originated from Africa
      111. Hindustan: How the Indians Originated from Africa
      112. Ogane, Guanin and Guinea: How the Americans Originated from Africa
      113. The Race of Huang Di: How the Chinese Originated from Africa
      114. Ethiopia: The Civilisation of Isa
      115. Atlantis: When Black Negro Africa Ruled the World
      116. Siren: The Super Civilisation of the Sahara
      117. The Olmecs and the Message of the Stones

    Afrocentrism Books

      118. Master Tom’s Empire: Afrocentrism the Next World Manifesto
      119. The Awakened Lion: Africa Will Rule the World
      120. Mosque Number Seven: Malcolm X and the Rise of Black Internationalism
      121. Reverend Edward Wilmot Blyden the Father of Afrocentrism
      122. Leo Frobenius Africanus!
      123. The Voice of Macabre: The Rastafarian Agenda
      124. Knight of the Black Foliage: Martin Delany’s Achievements
      125. Booker T. Washington and the Future of the American Negro
      126. Back to Africa: Marcus Garvey, Liberia and Nigeria
      127. The Travails and Attainments of Professor Du Bois
      128. Leopold Senghor’s Negritude
      129. Cheikh Anta Diop the Greatest!

    African American Books

      130. Miscegenation: The Identity Crisis of the of African American
      131. Integration, Separation and Back to Africa

    Pan-Africanism Books

      132. Pan-Africanism
      133. Africa Unite! African Leaders are not Criminals or Tyrants
      134. The Exodus: African Americans Will Return Back to Africa
      135. United States of Africa

    Africa and Religion Books

      136. God is Black
      137. Black Jesus
      138. The Moorish Connexion: Africa and Islam

    International Africa Books

      139. How Europe Destroyed Africa
      140. Greater Holocaust: The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

    Democracy Books

      141. The Lie of Democracy
      142. The Eleventh Commandment: Religion and Democracy
      143. The Confessions of Democritus: The Greeks Never Practised Democracy
      144. The Elders of Shura: Islam and Democracy
      145. On the Heaps of the Bones: Democracy is Destroying the Third World
      146. Samba of the White Hyena: Africa and Democracy
      147. At the Amphitheatre: Democracy, Republicanism and the Romans
      148. Kill the King! Democracy as Regicidism
      149. The Evil of Democracy
      150. Indigenous Democracy

    Internationalism Books

      151. The White Code: Rise of the White Man
      152. Decline and Fall of the West
      153. Aryan: The Last White Man
      154. Fiatonomics: Rise and Fall of the Age of Economics
      155. The Hills of Megiddo: All-Judaan and the Fault of Zionism
      156. Media Matrix: The Bane of the West
      157. Resume of the Vimanas: The Rise and Reign of India
      158. The One Guardsman: Superpower China
      159. And the Sun Set: The Fall of Colonialism
      160. Ravishing the Third World
      161. Classicism: The Dynamics of Class and Race in the Western Psyche
      162. Jim Crow and Ganga Zumba: The Plight of the African American
      163. One World Mongers
      164. Beckon of the Guillotine: The True Aim of the French Revolution
      165. The Athens-Rome-London-Washington DC Mirage: Was There A Western Civilisation?
      166. The Slags of Bavaria: The Industrial Revolution and How it Changed the World
      167. The Fangs of the Crises: International Communism and Its Toll on Humanity
      168. Capitalism and its Ugly Manacles of International Power
      169. Return of the Ice Age
      170. The End of Petrol
      171. Ashes and the Two World Wars
      172. How Western Powers Create Global Artificial Poverty
      173. Third World War: End of the First World
      174. The Blight of the Conquistadores
      175. The Non-Align Movement
      176. Gaea’s Perjurious Environmentalism: Nothing is Happening to Mother Earth!
      177. Orientania: The Rise and Reign of Eastern Civilisation
      178. Blood Sports
      179. Failings of the Entertainment Industries
      180. The One-Eyed Piper: The Immoral, Lying Talons of Hollywood

    The Occult Books

      181. Wings of the Trisagion: The True Nature of the Angels
      182. Toilers of the Bottle: Our Slaves the Jinns
      183. Divine Darkness
      184. Spiritual Communication: How to Acquire Spiritual Powers
      185. Ega and Eshe: Witchcraft in KinNupe and its Impact on the World
      186. Death One: The Battle of the Spirits
      187. Intentions: This Is My Story
      188. The Power Behind Words
      189. The Tenth Intellect: The Soul
      190. What is the Spirit?
      191. The Book of Deeds: Beware Actions are Living Beings!
      192. How to Perform Rituals
      193. What is Life?
      194. Guardian Angels
      195. The Power of Fasting
      196. Of Bells and Hounds: Summoning the Demons
      197. The Power of Symbols
      198. Chastity the Seventh Gable
      199. Who is a Ghost?
      200. The Sign of the Circle
      201. Ancient Wisdom of the Sacrum
      202. The Nafs
      203. Endless Power: Zikr, Meditation and the Effect of Periodicity
      204. Ultimate Horror!: Realisation of the Mechaspiritual Interface
      205. The 51st Law of Power: Act, Don’t React!
      206. Interpret Your Dreams: The Ancient Science of Dream Interpretation
      207. Over It Are Three: Potency of the Number Three
      208. Acquiring Psychic Powers

    Psychology Books

      209. The Man Who Sleeps: The Dangers of Sleeping
      210. Anger
      211. Patience the Mark of the Genius
      212. How Laziness Kills
      213. The Power of Ritalk Talking
      214. Talking is Crying: Silence is the Ultimate Word
      215. Work the Supreme Implement
      216. How to Kill Sadness
      217. How to Meditate the Right Way

    Religion Books

      218. Ecumeniwar: The Clash of World Religions
      219. Fara Masara: The Table of the Sun, the Eye of Udjat, and Freemasonry
      220. Gods of the Snake: The Reptilian Connection of Satan
      221. Black is Sacred: All the Prophets were Black African Negroes
      222. AntiChrist Dajjal: God of the Third Light
      223. The Epitaph of Dao: Taoism and the World
      224. The Rise of Traditional African Religion
      225. The Ultimate Sway of the Holy Grail
      226. Guardian God El: The Ilahs Rule
      227. The Black Powder of Krishna
      228. Osiris the Prophet of the Sun
      229. The Problem with Religion
      230. Ahura Mazda and the 32
      231. Buddha and Mithra
      232. Prophet Adam
      233. Prophet Noah
      234. Prophet Abraham
      235. The Sign of the Fish: Prophet Moses
      236. Prophet Enoch
      237. Prophet Solomon
      238. Prophet Joseph
      239. Mithra the African
      240. Zeus the First God
      241. Sara the Religion of Light and Patriarchy
      242. Who is Satan?: Bara-Isa the First God of Light
      243. The Prayer of the Sun: The Universal Religion of the Sun
      244. The Lamb and the Cross
      245. Darkness Religion the Original Religion
      246. Kitaba the Table of the Sun
      247. Julius Caesar was a God!
      248. What Was the Role of Thomas Aquinas?

    Islam Category

    Islamic Theology Books

      249. Allah
      250. Iman
      251. Qada and Qadar: The Question of Predestination in Islam
      252. Ummul Kitab and the Sahifa
      253. Worshipping the Dead In Islam
      254. Talfiq and the Four Mazhabs
      255. Tawassul and Life in the Grave
      256. Baqi’ al-Gharqad: Communicating with the Dead in Islam
      257. How to Become a Wali
      258. The Case of Rashid Rida and His New Controvertible Islam
      259. Muhammad Abduh’s Dubious Islamism
      260. Caliph Harun ar-Rashid: The Man who Africanised Islam
      261. Superman Ma’iz: The Miracle of Repentance In Islam
      262. When Is Akhira?

    Islamic Philosophy Books

      263. Imam Ghazali and the Remaking of Islam
      264. Ibn Taimiyya and the Heretics
      265. Who are the Ahlul Kitab?
      266. The True Ahl-i Bayt

    Africa and Islam Books

      267. Aminu: The African Ancestry of Prophet Muhammad
      268. Ibn Abi-Kabsha: The African Origins of Islam
      269. As-Sabi and the Sahaba: Black in Islam
      270. Saba: The African Antecedents of Islam
      271. Hassan Al-Basari the African Lawgiver of Islam
      272. Eight In Pairs: Jahiliyya was an African Religion
      273. As-Sa’a: The End Civilisation of Post-History
      274. Islam is not Arabism: The Camel and the Eye of the Needle
      275. Aravasthan: The Hindu Origins of Islam
      276. Where is Baka? Where is Makka?
      277. Freemasonry, Sufism and Islam: The African Roots of Islamic Mysticism
      278. Man from Ad: The Mahdi is an African
      279. Codex Kwa: African Words in the Qur’an
      280. Who Is Musailama?: The True Identity and Real Mission of Musailama
      281. The Companions of A’raf

    Islamic History Books

      282. Caliph Abubakar
      283. Caliph Umar
      284. Caliph Usman
      285. Caliph Ali

    International Islam Books

      286. Demise of the Caliphate
      287. Return of the Caliphate
      288. The Ottoman Caliphate
      289. Ummayad Caliphate
      290. Protocols of the Learned Elders of International Islam
      291. Rise of the Caliphate
      292. Except Al-Idhkhir: The Predicaments of Islamic Modernism
      293. Abbasid Caliphate
      294. Maliki Mazhab will Rule the World
      295. The Hijab Revolution
      296. Jihad and the Terror in Islam: Terrorism is not Islam

    Christianity Books

      297. Yesu: European and African Christianity
      298. Jesus and the Bible
      299. Jesus in Other Religions
      300. Rome and the Early Christians
      301. The African Origins of Christianity

    Judaism Books

      302. The Daemon of Sara: What Was Israel?
      303. The Religion of Ada

    Women Books

      304. Women’s Movement: The Story of the Women Liberation Movement
      305. Nnakun: Women are Greater than Men
      306. Madonna and the Mother Age: When Women Ruled the World
      307. Arya Tara: Religion and the Superiority of Women
      308. Amon Ra was a Woman!: Amon-Ra, Amara, Mara, Maryam, Mary, Moor
      309. The Law of Bachofen: Sex and the German Psychologists
      310. Wrong Information on Historical Women
      311. All-Mother Isis
      312. The Wrong Cleopatra
      313. The Real Queen of Sheba

    Nupe Category

    Nupe the Origin Books

      314. Bayajida was Nupe: How the Hausa People Originated from Nupe
      315. Oduduwa was Nupe: How the Yoruba People Originated from Nupe
      316. Aro Chukwu was Nupe: How the Ibo People Originated from Nupe
      317. Ogane was Nupe: How the Edo-Benin People Originated from Nupe
      318. Adashu was Nupe: How the Igala Originated from Nupe
      319. Kanta was Nupe: How the Kebbi People Originated from Nupe
      320. Queen Amina of Zaria Was Nupe: How the People of Zaria Originated from Nupe
      321. The Dahomey Connection: How the People of Benin Republic Originated from Nupe
      322. Ifa is Nupe
      323. Nupe the Origin: How all the Tribes of Nigeria Originated from Nupe
      324. Origin of Nupe
      325. Gbagyi and Nupe are One and the Same!
      326. The Hausa Bakwai-Banza Bakwai Lie
      327. Olaudah Equainoh was Nupe
      328. Samuel Ajayi Crowther was Nupe
      329. Shango Tapa: The Nupe Man Who Founded Yoruba
      330. Nupeko: The Rise of the Greater Nupe
      331. Kisra
      332. I am the God of Thunder!: Ife Bronzes or Nupe Bronzes?
      333. Kambaja: The Niger-Benue Nupe Empire that Gave Birth to Nigeria
      334. Kwa Kukuruku: How West Africa Originated from Nupe
      335. Bantu: How the South Africans Originated from Nupe
      336. Ainu Nupe: How the Japanese Originated from Nupe
      337. Nok Culture the Nupe Culture
      338. Abraham Lincoln Nupenci: How the African Americans Originated from Nupe

    Ancient Nupe Nupe

      339. Tsudi the Great: The Nupe Emperor Who Ruled the World
      340. Kororofa the Glory that was Nupe
      341. Kwa Speculations: Settling the Controversies in Nupe History
      342. The Mahdi From Nupeland: Sokoto Caliphate or Nupe Caliphate?
      343. Random Notes on Facebook I
      344. Random Notes on Facebook II
      345. Random Notes on Facebook III
      346. Random Notes on Facebook IV
      347. Random Notes on Facebook V
      348. Nife: The Pre-Tsoede Nupe People
      349. Ancient Koro
      350. The Nda People
      351. Gara
      352. The Bini Confederacy
      353. AtaGara
      354. Esa
      355. Etsu Masaba the Great
      356. Shehu Abdurrahman Gbaji
      357. Islam in KinNupe

    Modern Nupe Nation Books

      358. Nupe the Fourth Force: How Nupe Dominates Nigeria
      359. Edu State: The Case of an Homeland State for the Nupe Nation
      360. The Bida Basin: The Petroleum Deposits of Nupeland and Its Implications

    Nupe Orthography Books

      361. Nupe Words and their Meanings
      362. English-Nupe Dictionary
      363. Nupe the Lost Language

    Medicine Books

      364. The Spiritual Basis of Human Pathology
      365. The Null Hypothesis: The International Intrigue of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis
      366. Pharma-Cartel: The Conspiracy Behind Western Orthodox Medicine
      367. Equatorial Killers: Tropical Diseases of Equatorial Africa
      368. Doctors of Controversy: Doctors that Shook the Medical World
      369. The Primomicrozyma Element: Destroying the Basis of the Germ Theory
      370. Rabies is Impossible
      371. The Tuberculosis Lie
      372. Typhoid Mary?
      373. Satan CNS and Forbidden Fruit CVS: The Snake and the Fire Inside Man
      374. Virus Don’t Kill!
      375. The True Cause of Cancer
      376. In Favour of Pleomorphism
      377. The Soil Theory
      378. The Myth of Vaccination
      379. Iatrogenocide: Death by Medicine
      380. Cell Salt Homeopathy
      381. The Seven Stages of Disease
      382. The Glucocorticoid Menace
      383. The Mind and the Gut: The Physiology of Fear
      384. Last Days of the Third Worlder: Using Malaria for Biological Genocide
      385. Medicines Don’t Cure!
      386. Water the Living Thing
      387. The Incredible Effects of Calcium
      388. Is Red the Colour of Life?: The Wrong Tenets of Western Haematology
      389. The Denizens of Histo: Histology and the Continuing Controversy
      390. The Claims of Homeopathy
      391. How Effective is Kirlian Photography
      392. Reflections on Reflexology
      393. Anthroposophical Medicine
      394. So Spake Kinesiology
      395. Tenets of Osteopathy
      396. Chiropractic
      397. Rolfing
      398. The Therapeutics of Breathing
      399. Cymatics
      400. Psionics
      401. Radiesthesia
      402. Radionics
      403. The Controversies of Orgone Therapy
      404. Naturopathy
      405. Dianetics
      406. Interferential Therapy
      407. Aromatherapy
      408. Orthomolecular Medicine
      409. Bioenergetics

    Fiction Books

      410. Zabolugwa
      411. Professor Janus
      412. Mgbaragidi
      413. Ganagun the Anti-Nupe
      414. Invasion Kpatatsozhi
      415. The Landzun Master Story-Teller

    International Figures Books

      416. Remembering the Best of Nelson Mandela
      417. Keeping the Faith: Jimmy Carter Is Changing the World
      418. We have a Dream: Martin Luther King, Jnr., and the World in General
      419. Prophet Marcus Garvey: Look for Me in the Whirlwind!
      420. Greater Africa: The Adventures of Kwame Nkrumah
      421. El Libertador: Simon Bolivar and the Liberation of Latin America
      422. Mao Tse Tsung the Great
      423  Mwalimu of Ujamaa: How Julius Nyerere Fought for Africa
      424. Gandhi and the Ineluctable Satyagraha
      425. The Round Table Conferences: The Lofty Aims of Mohammed Ali Jinnah
      426. Bruce Lee, Kung Fu and the World
      427. Bob Marley and the Rastafarian Agenda
      428. The Spectacles of Patrice Lumumba
      429. Ayatullah Khomeini and Rise of Superpower Iran
      430. Theodore Roosevelt the Wonder
      431. The A.H. Fawcett Mystery
      432. Che Guevera the Eternal Revolutionary
      433. Idi Amin the Saint
      434. The Sarcophagus of Lenin In History
      435. Yasser Arafat and the Unending Fight
      436. The Fall of Greater Arabia: The Bloody Handiwork of Lawrence of Arabia
      437. Soldiers of Power: The Legacy of Gamal Abdul Nasser
      438. The Elba Comeback: Napoleon Bonaparte’s Nine Lives
      439. Black Bandana: The Incredible Personality of Toussaint Louverture

    Nigeria Category

    Greater Nigeria Books

      440. Superpower Nigeria: Why Nigeria Will Rule the World
      441. Nigeria is not a Failed State
      442. Naijaria: The Problem with Nigeria is the Masses!
      443. Operation Corruption: The Question of Corruption in Nigeria
      444. Goldfinger Middle Belt: The Kororofa Mafia Rules Nigeria!
      445. Oil War Dancers: Boro, Saro, Asari, Jomo Gbomo and the Niger Delta
      446. “We”: The Northern Oligarchy of Nigeria
      447. January 15: Why the Struck
      448. Operation Aure: And They Said Blood Will Have Blood!
      449. Up NEPA!
      450. Nigerian Democracy and the Tales by Moonlight
      451. Nigeria the Cradle of Civilisation: Human Culture and Civilisation Begun in Ancient Nigeria
      452. One Nigeria!: Why Nigeria Will Not Break Apart

    Nigerian Leaders Books

      453. Our Dear Nigeria: Biography of President Nnamdi Azikiwe
      454. Golden Leadership: Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa and the Making of Nigeria
      455. Brigadier Zakari Maimalari the Unsung Hero
      456. Hero Ironsi: The Good Intentions of General Aguiyi Ironsi
      457. Counting the Blessings: General Yakubu Gowon and His Contributions to Nigeria
      458. General Murtala Muhammed and the Re-Formation of Nigeria
      459. In the Mind of Time: Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Nigeria
      460. Served Nigeria: The Elder Statesmanship of Alhaji Shehu Shagari
      461. The Moral Giant: General Muhammadu Buhari
      462. Nigeria Consolidated!: How General Tunde Idiagbon Built the New Nigeria
      463. Who Is General Babangida?
      464. Why I Love Nigeria: Chief M.K.O. Abiola’s Vision of a Greater Nigeria
      465. Almighty Saningeria: General Sani Abacha and the Power-Politics of 1990s Nigeria.
      466. The New Beginning: General Abdulsalam Abubakar and the Foundations of Democracy in Nigeria
      467. Building Nigeria: Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s Contributions to Nation Building
      468. General T.Y. Danjuma and the Making of Nigeria
      469. The Sunny Rays of Biafra: Ojukwu’s Other Side of the Story
      470. Trailing the Blaze: The Attainments of Alhaji Abubakar Atiku
      471. The Third Way: Senator Ken Nnamani’s Nation Building
      472. The Comrade, the Reformer: Governor Oshiomole’s Achievements
      473. The New Genius: Fashola and Lagos State
      474. The Right Man: Dr. Bukola Saraki
      475. The First First Lady: Remembering Dr. Mrs. Maryam Babangida
      476. Intellectualising Nigerian Politics: The Role of Jerry Gana
      477. We Shall Reform Nigeria: Mallam Nasir El-Rufai and the New Nigeria
      478. Enter the Czar: President Nuhu Ribadu of Nigeria
      479. No. 1 Bush House: Secretary General Emeka Anyaoku
      480. Aminu Kano: Voice of the Talakawa
      481. Abubakar Rimi and Nigeria
      482. The Story of Dr. Michael Okpara
      483. The Master Stroke: Professor Wole Soyinka’s Nation Building Efforts
      484. On the Pages of Gold: Professor Chinua Achebe and Nigeria
      485. The Fight for Nigeria: Chief Gani Fawehinmi’s Nigeria
      486.  The Sword and the Quill: The Life and Times of Sultan Bello
      487. We Saved Nigeria: Alhaji Maitama Sule and the Making of Nigeria
      488. Oloibiri, Nigeria: The Vision and Struggles of Ken Saro Wiwa
      489. Fela and the Beat: Fela Anikulapo and  the National Crises
      490. Sardauna the Icon: Sir Ahmadu Bello Sardaunan Sokoto and Nigeria
      491. Professor Prodigy Pat Utomi
      492. Umar Dangiwa, Fire, and Words
      493. Dr. Michael Okpara
      494. The Sight of Isaac Boro
      495. Herbert Macauley and the Emergence of Nigeria
      496. Sir Kassim Ibrahim and the Politics of First Republic Power-Brokering
      497. Shehu Musa Yar’adua the Nigerian Hero
      498. His Royal Highness Ado Bayero
      499. The Revolution Postulated by Balarabe Musa
      500. The Man Lateef Jakande

    Niger State Category

    The Chief Servant and Niger State Books

      501. The New Niger State: How the Chief Servant Changed Niger State for the Better
      502. The Chief Servant I Know
      503. The Chief Servant at the Grassroots: The Ward Development Project Miracle in Niger State
      504. Sir Ahmadu Bello Memorial Foundation Under the Servant Leadership of the Chief Servant
      505. Alpha Policy Thrust: The 14th, 15th, 17th, and 21st Economic Sectoral Strategies of the Chief Servant
      506. Zenith Zuma: The Tourist Sector and the Chief Servant
      507. The MDG Success Story in Niger State
      508. Probity, Accountability, Transparency and the Chief Servant
      509. Vision 3:2020: The Chief Servant’s Visionary March of Niger State Towards the Year 2020
      510. The New Agriculture Regeneration: The Chief Servant and the Agricultural Revolution in Niger State
      511. The Baro Factor: The Chief Servant and the Industrialisation of Niger State
      512. The Triumph of MAC: The Chief Servant and Minna Airport City
      513. Government of the People: The Chief Servant and Fourth-Tier Government in Niger State
      514. The Beautification of Minna by the Chief Servant
      515. Here Is The Chief Servant: The Achievements of the Chief Servant in Niger State and Counting
      516. First Class Mentality: The Chief Servant and Education Development in Niger State
      517. Sayings of the Chief Servant
      518. Heading the Northern Governors’ Forum
      519. The Philosopher Ruler
      520. The Chief Servant and the Nigerian Enterprise

    Niger State and Nigeria Books

      521. Niger and the FCT: The Closeness of Niger State to the FCT
      522. How Niger State Dominates Nigeria
      523. Niger State in Prehistoric Nigeria
      524. Niger State and Almighty River Niger
      525. Why Mungo Park Came to Niger State

    Prominent Figures of Niger State Books

      526. The Man Hamman-Yero Murtala Nyako
      527. Colonel Habibu Idris Shuaibu
      528. Etsu Yahaya Abubakar and the Nupe Empire
      529. Mai Borgu the Kitoro III
      530. The Minna We Adore: Alhaji Umar Faruk Bahago the Emir of Minna
      531. Princess of the Niger: Senator Zainab Kure and Niger State
      532. Crane BCC: Biography of Alhaji Bagudu Waziri
      533. Mark of the Quintessential: Autobiography of Alhaji Shehu Ahmadu Musa Makaman Nupe
      534. Alhaji Abdulmalik Ndayako the Shaba Nupe
      535. Biography of Late Alhaji Dr. Umaru Sanda Ndayako the 12th Etsu Nupe
      536. Biography of Alhaji Muhammadu Liman
      537. The Green Badge of Courage: The Glories of Alhaji Abubakar Gimba
      538. Reminiscences of the Minister: The Life and Times of Alhaji Ahmadu Abubakar
      539. Beads of the King’s Man: Senate President David Mark’s Service to Nigeria
      540. Senator Dahiru Awaisu Kuta and the Building of Niger State
      541. Super Commissioner Baba Barau of Niger State
      542. Senator Simeon Oduoye
      543. Breaking the Limits: The SSG Office Under Dr. Muhammed Kuta Yahaya
      544. Magana Wealth Ce: The Life and Times of Alhaji Abubakar Imam
      545. The Call to Duty of Engr. Sani Ndanusa
      546. General M.I. Wushishi
      547. General Gado Nasko
      548. The Man Who Wrote NPN: Suleman Takuma the Red Giant Secretary
      549. Patrician of the Middle Belt: Reflections on the Life and Times of Alhaji Aliyu Makaman Nupe
      550. The Writers of Minna

    The Peoples of Niger State Books

      551. Minna: The Railway and the Airport
      552. Zungeru Built Nigeria
      553. Suleja and the FCT
      554. The Central Position of Bida
      555. Kontagora and In Ancient Niger State
    Author: Ndagi Abdullahi
    Royal Title: Amana Nupe
    Whatsapp Contact Only: 08137982743