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Nigerian comedian, Klint da Drunk, born Afamefuna Igwemba is a renowned personality in the Nigerian entertainment industry, known for his unique style of comedy. His style of comedy is often characterized by his stuttering delivery, slurred speech, and comic facial expressions. He has gained popularity not only in Nigeria but also in other countries, especially in Africa.


Klint da Drunk was born on August 3, 1973, in Agukwu-Nri, Anambra State, Nigeria. He is the sixth child in a family of seven. He attended Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu, where he studied Fine and Applied Arts.

Klint da drunk started his comedy career in 1998, performing in small-scale live shows. He became popular after winning the Best Standup Comedian in Nigeria at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards in 2009. He has performed in several countries, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Comedy Videos

Klint da Drunk has several comedy videos, including:

Social Media

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Personal Life

Klint da Drunk is a married man. He got married to his wife, Lilien, in 2007, and they have two children together.

Cars and House

Klint da Drunk’s net worth is estimated to be over 2 million dollars. He owns a luxurious apartment in Lagos, Nigeria, and several cars, including a Mercedes Benz SUV and a Range Rover.

Early Life

Klint da Drunk was raised in a Christian family in Anambra State, Nigeria. His parents were strict disciplinarians, and they instilled core values in him at a young age. He had a passion for the arts from an early age, and his parents encouraged him to pursue his dreams.

Net Worth

Klint da Drunk’s net worth is estimated to be:

  • 2 million dollars
  • 871 million naira
  • 5.0 million Canadian dollars
  • 1.63 billion Ghana cedi
  • 150 million Kenya shilling
  • 22.4 million South African rand
  • 7.1 billion Uganda shilling
  • 1.5 billion Indian rupee

Awards and Nominations

Klint da Drunk has won several awards, including the Best Stand-Up Comedian in Nigeria at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards in 2009. He has also been nominated for various awards in Nigeria and other African countries.


Klint da Drunk is a talented comedian and a household name in the Nigerian entertainment industry. He has become popular both in Nigeria and internationally, performing in several countries. His unique style of comedy has earned him several fans, and he continues to inspire upcoming comedians.

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