Ikorodu Bois Biography, Net Worth, Awards, Career

Ikorodu Bois Biography, Net Worth, Awards, Career

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Ikorodu Bois is a Nigerian comedian and social media sensation who has gained massive popularity for his comical videos. He has broken barriers, conquered the internet with his creativity, and has become a source of inspiration to many young Nigerians.

His real name is not known, but he was born and raised in Ikorodu, a suburb located in Lagos State, Nigeria. The Ikorodu Bois is a comedy group that comprises three brothers and their cousin. The group started making waves on social media in 2017, and since then, they have not looked back.

Early Life and Education

The Ikorodu Bois were born and raised in a small town in Lagos State. Their parents were not well-to-do, and they struggled to make ends meet. However, their parents instilled the values of hard work and dedication in them, and they grew up with a strong desire to succeed in life.

Due to their family’s financial situation, the Ikorodu Bois did not receive formal education. They had to drop out of school to support their parents financially. However, this did not stop them from pursuing their dreams.


The Ikorodu Bois started their career in 2017 by making funny videos and posting them on social media. Their creativity and humor immediately caught the attention of many Nigerians, and their popularity began to grow. They have created a niche for themselves by recreating famous movie scenes, music videos, and other popular culture references in a hilarious way.

Some of their best videos include their adaptation of the trailer for the movie, Extraction, which caught the attention of the Russo Brothers, who directed the movie. The brothers were so impressed with the video that they promised to bring the Ikorodu Bois to the premiere of the movie in Hollywood as their guests.

Their videos have also caught the attention of other celebrities, including Will Smith, who invited them to the premiere of his movie, Bad Boys for Life. The Ikorodu Bois have since gone on to collaborate with Will Smith on several projects.

Personal Life

The Ikorodu Bois are a closely-knit group of siblings and cousins. They are all unmarried and are still focused on building their careers. Despite their humble beginnings, they have remained grounded and grateful for the opportunities that have come their way.

Net Worth

The net worth of Ikorodu Bois is difficult to estimate as they do not disclose their earnings. However, some sources estimate their net worth to be around $1 million. In Nigerian naira, their net worth is approximately ₦400 million.

The Ikorodu Bois’ net worth in other currencies include:

Currency Net Worth
Canadian Dollar $1.3 million
Ghana Cedi GH₵ 5.7 million
Kenya Shilling KES 109 million
South Africa Rand R18 million
Uganda Shilling UGX 4.4 billion
India Rupee ₹74 crore

Awards and Nominations

The Ikorodu Bois have not won any awards yet, but they have been nominated for several, including:

  • The Future Awards Africa Prize for Comedy (2019)
  • Social Media Personality of the Year at the Gage Awards (2021)
  • Social Media Comedian of the Year at the Scream Awards (2021)

Social Media Accounts

The Ikorodu Bois are highly active on social media and have a massive following. You can follow them on the following platforms:

The Ikorodu Bois are an inspiring story of young Nigerians who have leveraged their talent and creativity to break barriers and gain international recognition. They are a source of inspiration to many young people in Nigeria and beyond.