Ibiwari Etuk Biography, Net Worth, Age And Phone Number

Ibiwari Etuk Biography, Net Worth, Age And Phone Number

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Ibiwari Etuk has her real full name as Gift Anietie Etuk.

She is a popularly known fast rising Nigerian actress.

She was born in Akwa Ibom state, but date of her birth is not known.

Ibiwari Etuk Educational Background

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Ibiwari Etuk Acting Career

Ibiwari began acting some years back and has proved good in the profession, playing intriguing roles in movies.

She has so far featured in lots of movies including Hidden Treasure 1 and Hidden Treasure 2 and many others.

Ibiwari Etuk is beautiful, creative and highly talented Nollywood star gifted in interpreting movie roles brilliantly.

She can fit into any character assigned her and she does this very well endearing the hearts of her numerous fans across Nigeria.

The talented Nollywood star revealed in an interview that she is happy being an actress as it has given her the much popularity and open more doors.

According to her, “Life as an actress has been fun.

I feel so delighted being recognized in states or cities I visit for the first time and I’m told how real I portray my screen characters.

Some go as far as addressing me by my screen names and even offer to pay for goods purchased at that time. It’s just awesome”.

She went further to state that she is still up-coming actress, determined to make it to the top.

“However, I’m still working up the ladder, but the pursuit of my career has deprived me of early marriage….”.

Ibiwari Etuk Personal Life

Ibiwari Etuk is not yet married.

She revealed that “I would have gotten married straight out of University but lost that opportunity.

That’s past now and I have moved on.”

Ibiwari Etuk Net Worth

She makes her income from Nollywood Industry, Ibiwari Etuk has an estimated net worth of around $250,000 dollar (USD). Equivalent to about 175 Million Naira in Nigeria. Her net worth in European currency is around 248,000 (EUR).