How to bet on eSports?

The cybersports disciplines have made a massive leap in development over the past decades. As cyber sports have grown in popularity, so has video game betting. The number of games that can be bet on is in the dozens, if not hundreds. The leading cyber sports disciplines include Dota2, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Valorant, and Starcraft. Major tournaments on these games are held several times a year.

Consequently, there is always an opportunity to bet on your favorite event. And Melbet Nigeria will help you with this. On the bookmaker’s website, many betting options are available on many cyber sports events.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

Like any other form of betting, betting on cybersports has pros and cons. Let’s start by looking at the positive aspects of betting on cyber sports:

  • The growth and development of games. Every year, the number of games grows. This means the number of cyber sports disciplines available for betting is potentially increasing.
  • The number of events that are available for betting. Literally every day, there are different competitions in cyber sports. Such a density of events can only boast a few representatives of classical sports.
  • Ease of analysis. The central mass of cybersports events is always available for viewing on the Internet on various streaming resources.
  • Predictability. Predicting the winner in cybersports is much easier than in classic sports. This is because players’ overall level and skills often stay the same. Champions are consistently successful and rarely fail. There are exceptions, but usually very infrequently.

Now let’s get to the cons:

  • Loss of relevance of games. Due to the constant development of cyber sports and games, some may lose popularity and status as a cyber sports discipline. The reasons for this are moral obsolescence of game mechanics, non-compliance with modern technical requirements, and losing the competition to another game in its genre.
  • The presence of contractual matches. Although tournament organizers and other regulatory bodies are actively fighting against this phenomenon, there are still cases of contractual matches.

Main Types of Bets on eSports

Popular bets are available on classic sports are also presented for cybersports disciplines. We will now take a closer look at a few of them.

Betting on the Outcome

As in many other sports, betting on results is the most popular. There are several options for the outcome of such a bet: a win for one of the teams or a draw (if such a result is stipulated in the game). However, the formats of competitions in major disciplines are such that draws are rarely recorded.

Handicap Bets

Such bets mean betting on the victory of one of the teams with a specific advantage. Often, handicap bets are placed if clear favorites and underdogs are in the match. Such a bet can be placed not on the whole game but on separate segments (maps). Handicaps can be negative or positive.


As in other sports, the total is a bet on the number of something. Among the most popular variations available are bets on the number of maps (which are played in a match), rounds, kills, and so on. Total over and total under bets are available for all significant cyber sports disciplines.

Tips for Betting on eSports 

All the tips that work for betting on classic sports are relevant for cybersports. It would help if you did not ignore them. After all, if you stick to these tips, the risk of losing your entire bank will be significantly reduced. Let’s take a look at the most important of them:

  • Analysis and observation. It’s simple. Watch the matches of the teams you are interested in betting on. Follow the surrounding events. Note the essential features of each player in the team. Keep detailed performance statistics.
  • Listen to what the experts say. First, this will help beginners better understand a particular issue. Combine the information from the experts with your observations and analysis. Based on this, you can already predict specific outcomes of events.
  • Do not bet large amounts of money. There is no need to chase after much money at once. It is essential to approach it systematically. Refrain from betting large quantities of money to minimize the risk of losing the entire bank. Striving to win in the distance is necessary for a stable income.
  • Pay attention to team lineups as well as game moments. In cyber sports, the composition of the entire team can change from tournament to tournament. The players who won the previous competition are not on the team. Another critical factor is the choice of cards in the discipline. After all, any team can excel on one map and feel bad on another. The selection of game character, too, primarily affects the process of the game. Characteristics and class can vary greatly.

How to Bet on eSports at

Nowadays, finding someone who has never heard about Counter-Strike or Dota 2 is hard. Betting on these and other disciplines is very popular nowadays. If you are also interested in betting on cybersports, will help you in this endeavor. On the bookmaker’s website, events are always available on many cyber sports disciplines. Numerous betting variations on these events are presented for you.

Let’s review with you the sequence of actions you need to follow to place a bet on the website of the bookmaker Melbet Nigeria.

  1. First of all, you need to register on the bookmaker’s website. If you are already registered, just log in to your account.
  2. On the site’s main page, on the left side, is a list of sports you can bet on. In this list, look for the Esports category and click on it.
  3. Next, in the same place, a list of the primary disciplines and their tournaments that are available for betting will open up. Choose the one you like and click on it. Also, if you have a particular event in mind, you can use the search bar above the list of categories.
  4. When you have chosen what you want, all possible variations of bets on this event are open to you. Choose the type of bet and place your bet. Once the bet is placed, you have to wait until the end of the event to find out the result of your bet.


Betting on cybersports has already reached a significant level of popularity. There are many events available for betting daily. If you are new and just starting to bet, all avenues are open for discovering the pleasure in such an activity. And cybersports is a great place to start. 

Experienced bettors should also take a closer look at cyber sports. After all, there is always something to choose from. features all the most popular gaming disciplines with a wide range of betting lines.

When registering on the bookmaker’s website, use the unique promo code MELGIFT, which will give you up to a 140% bonus on your first deposit. This is where your journey to big wins begins!

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