Foluke Daramola Biography, Net Worth, Age, Phone Number

Foluke Daramola Biography, Net Worth, Age, Phone Number

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Foluke Daramola-Salako is her real name. She is a famous Nigerian actress.

Daramola was born on February 15, year actual place of her birth are not known.

Foluke Daramola Educational Background

Foluke Daramola is a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife Osun State.

Foluke Daramola Acting Career

Daramola made her film debut in a television series, “Palace” in 1998.

She has since starred in several Nollywood movies including ‘Durodola’ and ‘Above Law’.

Daramola is such a beautiful, creative and highly talented Nollywood actress, known for good interpretation of roles in movies.

She can as well fit into any character assigned her and she performs very well to the admiration of her numerous fans.

Foluke Daramola is also a movie producer.

She starred and produced in the movie, ‘Cobweb’, which earned her nomination for best supporting actress at the Africa Movie Academy Awards.

She revealed that the film was inspired by her personal experiences, as her parents did not want her to go into acting while in school.

Foluke Daramola Humanitarian

She is a humanitarian. She is the founder of “Action Against Rape in Africa” an initiative, she created to curb rape and bring its perpetrators to book in Africa.

Foluke Daramola Personal Life

Foluke Daramola is the mother of two children.

In 2016, her daughter was reported to be the host of a reality television show.

In a 2016 interview, she revealed that she was raped while she was a teenager.

In an interview with Tribune, she explained that women need to know their value and remain financially independent without necessarily dependent on their husband.

She posited that domestic violence is a greater wreck to her home, than infidelity.

In March 2018 interview with The Punch Lagos Nigeria, the talented Nollywood actress stated that she considers her big boobs to be an asset and not a curse.

In her words, “the first attraction for most men who come across me is usually sexual.

They see my big boobs and are moved immediately.

But as a person, I would never go out with any man because they are attracted to my boobs because I know that it is too ordinary.

As far as I’m concerned, women should stop seeing these ‘assets’ as a problem but take them as a blessing.

It is only by so doing that they’ll know how to carry themselves better.

They should carry themselves well and not be ashamed”, she concluded.

Foluke Daramola Net Worth

She is indeed a force to reckon with in Nollywood, rated one of the richest and most influential with an estimated net worth of about $500,000 US Dollars.