Fatima Faloye Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Awards

Fatima Faloye Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Awards

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Fatima Faloye is a renowned Nigerian actress who has won the hearts of many with her exceptional acting skills. She was born on 28th June 1982 in Lagos, Nigeria. Fatima attended the University of Lagos where she obtained a degree in Theatre Arts, after which she delved into acting. Her debut acting role was in the movie, “The Campus Babe,” which was released in 2005.


Fatima Faloye has made a name for herself in the Nigerian movie industry with outstanding performances in various roles. She has starred in numerous movies and TV shows, making her a familiar face on Nigerian screens. Some of her notable movies include:

Movie Title Year
The Campus Babe 2005
Love In Paradise 2008
The Intrigues 2010
Dark Waters 2015

Fatima has also acted in several soap operas such as “Tinsel,” “The Johnsons,” and “Hush.” She has won numerous awards for her outstanding performances, including the Best Actress award at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards, and the Best Supporting Actress award at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.

Aside from acting, Fatima Faloye is also passionate about music. She has released several singles and music videos, including “Joy,” “Love,” and “Peace.” Some of her music videos can be found on her YouTube channel.

Personal Life and Net Worth

Fatima Faloye is a private person and doesn’t reveal much about her personal life. However, it is known that she is married and has children. She is also a philanthropist and often participates in charity events.

In terms of her net worth, Fatima Faloye is estimated to have a net worth of around $2 million. This translates to approximately 815 million Nigerian Naira, 2.7 million Canadian Dollars, 23 million Ghana Cedi, 218 million Kenya Shilling, 20 million South Africa Rand, 5.8 billion Uganda Shilling, and 145 million India Rupee.

Fatima Faloye is an accomplished actress, musician, and philanthropist with a net worth that speaks to her success in her various endeavors.

Awards and Nominations

Fatima Faloye has been nominated for and won several awards for her outstanding performances in movies and TV shows. Some of her notable awards include:

  • Best Actress at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards
  • Best Supporting Actress at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards
  • Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Golden Icon Academy Awards

Fatima Faloye has undoubtedly made her mark in the Nigerian entertainment industry, and her performances continue to captivate audiences all over the world.

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