Emmanuel Udende Biography, Net Worth, Career

Emmanuel Udende is a Nigerian politician who hails from the Benue State, located in the North Central geopolitical zone of Nigeria. Udende is a member of the Federal House of Representatives, representing the Katsina-Ala/Ukum/Logo Federal Constituency. He is a member of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) political party in Nigeria.

Early Life and Educational Background

Udende was born on October 20, 1963, in Katsina-Ala, Benue State, Nigeria. He grew up in his hometown and attended primary and secondary schools in Katsina-Ala. He later proceeded to the University of Lagos where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration. After completing his studies, he worked in the private sector before venturing into politics.

Political Career

Udende began his political career in the early 2000s when he was elected as a Local Government Chairman under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). He later defected to the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and contested for the Federal House of Representatives in 2011 but was unsuccessful.

In 2015, Udende contested again for the same position under the APC and won. He was re-elected in the 2019 Nigerian general elections, making him the current representative of the Katsina-Ala/Ukum/Logo Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives. In the House, Udende serves as the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Agric Production and Services.

Political Records

Udende has served as a Local Government Chairman and currently serves as a member of the Federal House of Representatives. He has sponsored and co-sponsored several bills in the House, including the Nigerian Minerals and Mining Bill, the Federal University of Agriculture Bill, and the Federal College of Agriculture Bill.

Personal Life

Udende is married and has children. He is a Christian and an active member of his local church in Katsina-Ala.

Net Worth

Emmanuel Udende’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million US dollars, 1,625,000,000 Nigerian Naira, 15,522,400 Canadian Dollars, 17,680,000 Ghana Cedi, 216,242,100 Kenya Shilling, 45,385,440 South Africa Rand, 49,497,526 Uganda Shilling, and 291,368,000 India Rupee.

Social Media Accounts

Emmanuel Udende is active on social media platforms like Twitter (@emmanuduende) and Facebook (Emmanuel Udende Official).

In conclusion, Emmanuel Udende is a successful Nigerian Politician and an advocate of good governance and development in his constituency. His contributions to Nigerian politics have been laudable, and he continues to work hard to improve the lives of his constituents.

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