Emem Inwang Biography, Net Worth, Awards, Career, Age

Emem Inwang Biography, Net Worth, Awards, Career, Age

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Emem Inwang is a household name in the Nigerian movie industry. She is a talented actress and movie producer who has won numerous awards for her outstanding performances.

Professional Career of Emem Inwang

Emem Inwang’s career in the entertainment industry began in 2012 when she featured in her first movie titled “Kokomma”. She is known for her unique ability to bring life and originality to whatever movie character she plays.

Over the years, Emem Inwang has featured in numerous Nigerian movies such as “The List”, “Code of Silence”, “Karma”, “Silent Scandal”, “Beyond Blood”, “Endless Lies”, “Bad Drop”, and many others.

Emem Inwang is also a talented movie producer. She has produced and directed several movies including “Guilty Pleasures”, “Twisted”, “In the Music”, “The Green Eyed”, “The Healer”, “Kpali”, and many others.

Filmography of Emem Inwang

Here are some of the movies that Emem Inwang has featured in:

Movie Title Year
The List 2015
Code of Silence 2015
Karma 2015
Silent Scandal 2016
Beyond Blood 2017
Endless Lies 2019
Bad Drop 2020

Emem Inwang’s movie productions are also widely recognized and have made a significant contribution to Nigerian cinema.

Personal Life of Emem Inwang

Emem Inwang was born on the 23rd of November, 1985 in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. She was raised in Uyo where she completed her primary and secondary education before proceeding to obtain a degree in English Language and Literature in the University of Calabar.

Emem Inwang is married and has a son. She keeps her personal life private and avoids media attention. However, she is an active user of social media and can be followed on Instagram and Twitter.

Emem Inwang is also an ambassador for several brands in Nigeria, including Swissgarde, a leading health and wellness company.

Net Worth of Emem Inwang

Emem Inwang’s net worth is estimated to be around $800,000 (USD). In Nigerian currency, her net worth is ₦300 million (NGN). In Canadian dollars, her net worth is CAD $1,062,400. In Ghanaian cedi, her net worth is GH₵4,628,000. In Kenyan shilling, her net worth is KES 87,200,000. In South African rand, her net worth is ZAR 12,800,000. In Ugandan shilling, her net worth is UGX 2,918,400,000. In Indian rupee, her net worth is ₹59,200,000.

Emem Inwang’s net worth is a reflection of her successful career as a renowned Nigerian actress and movie producer.

Awards and Nominations of Emem Inwang

Emem Inwang has been nominated for several awards for her outstanding performances as an actress and movie producer. She has won the following awards:

  • Best New Actress at the Cross River State Movie Awards (2013)
  • Best Screenplay Writer at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards (2017)
  • Best Producer at the Golden Icon Academy Movie Awards (2019)

Emem Inwang is a talented actress and movie producer who has made significant contributions to the Nigerian entertainment industry. She continues to inspire and motivate young people to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals.

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