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Dr Sir Warrior, also known as Chibuzo John Oji, was a Nigerian highlife musician born on October 7, 1947, in Umuduruoha, Imo State, Nigeria. He was known for his unique style of music which was a fusion of traditional African rhythms and modern highlife music.

Early Life and Education

Dr Sir Warrior was raised in a Christian home by his parents who encouraged him to pursue his passion for music. As a young boy, he was intrigued by the traditional African rhythms he heard in his village and began to experiment with different instruments. He attended Umundugba Primary School and later St Augustine’s Catholic School where he further developed his musical talents.


Dr Sir Warrior started his career as a guitarist in the Nigerian army band. After leaving the army, he formed his own band, The Orientals, in 1977. The band released their first album, “Ihe Onye G’abu Ogu,” in 1979 which was a huge success and marked the beginning of their rise to fame.

The Orientals went on to release several other hit albums including “Ejim Nke Uwa,” “Akpulu Oduma,” and “Ore Agu.” Dr Sir Warrior’s music was characterized by his distinctive baritone voice, upbeat rhythms, and conscious lyrics that touched on social issues affecting Nigeria at the time.


Dr Sir Warrior released several albums throughout his career including:

  • Ihe Onye G’abu Ogu
  • Ejim Nke Uwa
  • Akpulu Oduma
  • Ore Agu
  • Umu Obiligbo
  • Ogene Sound Super of Africa

Personal Life

Dr Sir Warrior was married and had several children. He was known to be a loving husband, father, and mentor to many upcoming musicians.

Cars and House

Dr Sir Warrior was known to live a lavish lifestyle, owning several cars and a large house in his hometown of Umuduruoha, Imo State. He was a patron of the arts and supported several charity organizations in his community.

Net Worth

Dr Sir Warrior’s net worth at the time of his death was estimated to be over $5 million dollars. In Nigerian Naira, his net worth was over ₦1.8 billion, in Canadian Dollars over CAD 6.6 million, in Ghana Cedi over GHS 23.4 million, in Kenya Shilling over KES 408 million, in South Africa Rand over ZAR 60 million, in Uganda Shilling over UGX 18 billion, and in Indian Rupee over INR 368 crore.

Overall, Dr Sir Warrior was a legendary musician who made a significant contribution to the Nigerian music industry. His music continues to inspire upcoming musicians and his legacy will always be remembered.

To listen to Dr Sir Warrior’s music, visit his page on Boomplay.

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