Desmond Elliot Biography, Net Worth, Awards, Career

Desmond Elliot Biography, Net Worth, Awards, Career

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Desmond Elliot is a renowned Nigerian actor, producer, and politician who is also known as Desmond Oluwashola Elliot. He is a popular figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry, having acted in various Nollywood films and TV series. Elliot was born on February 4, 1974, in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a graduate of Economics from Lagos State University, from where he kicked off his acting career.

Profile of Desmond Elliot

Desmond Elliot has acted in over 200 Nollywood films, working alongside some of the biggest names in the Nigerian movie industry. He started his acting career in the early 2000s when he appeared in his first movie, “One Too Much,” and went on to become one of Nollywood’s most sought-after actors. Elliot has also produced several successful movies, including “The Place,” “30 Days in Atlanta,” and “Kamara’s Tree,” to name a few.

Career Highlights

Elliot’s career highlights include his role in the Nigerian TV series “Everyday People,” where he played the character of Eso, and also his role in the TV drama “Saints and Sinners,” where he played the role of Duke. He has also acted in several successful Nollywood movies, such as “Reloaded,” “Figurine,” “Unfinished Business,” “In the Cupboard,” and “Kiss and Tell.”

Desmond Elliot’s Filmography

Here is a list of some of Desmond Elliot’s most famous movies:

  • The Place
  • 30 Days in Atlanta
  • Kamara’s Tree
  • Bursting Out
  • Reloaded
  • Figurine
  • Unfinished Business
  • In the Cupboard
  • Kiss and Tell

Social Media and YouTube Links

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Personal Life

Desmond Elliot is married to Victoria Elliot, and they have four children together. He is a devout Christian and is involved in several charity works, including the Make a Difference (MAD) Foundation, which he co-founded in memory of his late mother. The foundation aims to donate clothes, drugs, and educational materials to the less privileged in society.


Elliot attended Air Force Primary School and later went to St John’s College in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. He obtained his first degree in Economics from Lagos State University.

Cars and House

Desmond Elliot owns a fleet of luxury cars and a mansion in Lagos.

Net Worth

Desmond Elliot’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million. This figure is equivalent to 2 billion Naira in Nigerian currency, 19.8 million Canadian dollars, 33 million Ghana cedi, 541 million Kenyan shillings, 57 million South African rand, 1.7 billion Ugandan shillings, and 369 million Indian rupees.

Overview of Desmond Elliot’s Net Worth

  • Net worth in dollars – $5 million
  • Net worth in Naira – 2 billion Naira
  • Net worth in Canadian dollars – 19.8 million CAD
  • Net worth in Ghana cedi – 33 million GHS
  • Net worth in Kenya shilling – 541 million KES
  • Net worth in South Africa rand – 57 million ZAR
  • Net worth in Uganda shilling – 1.7 billion UGX
  • Net worth in India rupee – 369 million INR

Awards and Nominations

Desmond Elliot has won several awards and nominations for his exceptional contributions to Nollywood. He has been nominated for the African Movie Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role thrice but has only won the award once. He has also won the Best Supporting Actor award at the 2013 Nollywood Movies Awards and the Best Actor award at the 2014 Nigeria Entertainment Awards.

In conclusion, Desmond Elliot is a talented Nigerian actor and a well-respected personality in the entertainment industry. His passion and dedication to his craft have earned him a special place in the hearts of his fans and colleagues alike.