Christopher Imumolen Biography, Net Worth, Career

Christopher Imumolen is a Nigerian politician, a former Nollywood actor and activist who has made a name for himself in Nigeria’s political space. He was born on December 17th, 1982, in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.

Early Life and Education

Christopher Imumolen was raised in a middle-class family that valued education. He attended the University of Benin, Nigeria, where he earned a degree in Political Science. After completing his studies, he ventured into acting and became a prominent figure in the Nollywood industry.

Career in Politics

Christopher Imumolen’s political journey began in 2011 when he contested for a seat in the Edo State House of Assembly under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). He served as a member of the House from 2011 to 2015.

In 2015, he was re-elected to the House of Assembly, where he served as the House Majority Leader and Chairman, House Committee on Information. He held this position until 2019 when he was appointed as the Commissioner for Information and Orientation in Edo State.

Political Records

Christopher Imumolen has made significant contributions to the development of his constituency and Edo State as a whole. He has sponsored several motions and bills during his time in the House of Assembly, including the bill for the establishment of the Edo State Security Trust Fund.

As the Commissioner for Information and Orientation, he implemented policies, programs, and initiatives that propelled the state’s growth and development, including the “Wake and See Edo” campaign, which was aimed at promoting the state’s tourism potential.

Personal Life

Christopher Imumolen is married and has children. He is a devout Christian and is actively involved in his church’s activities. In his free time, he enjoys reading, watching movies, and spending time with his family.

Cars and House

Christopher Imumolen is known for his luxurious lifestyle. He owns several cars, including a Range Rover, an Audi, and a Mercedes Benz. He also has a magnificent mansion in Edo State’s capital city, Benin City.

Net Worth of Christopher Imumolen

Currency Net Worth
USD $5 million
NGN ₦1.9 billion
CAD $6.4 million
GHS GHS 28 million
KES KES 542 million
ZAR ZAR 72 million
UGX UGX 18 billion
INR INR 370 crore

Christopher Imumolen’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. In Nigerian Naira, his net worth is ₦1.9 billion. His net worth is also significant in other currencies, such as the Canadian dollar, Ghanaian cedi, Kenyan shilling, South African rand, Ugandan shilling, and the Indian rupee, with each currency holding different values, although he is significantly wealthy in all.

Awards and Nominations

Christopher Imumolen has received several awards and nominations for his outstanding contributions to politics and community development. He was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor in a Movie at the 2010 African Movie Academy Awards.

He also received the “Man of The Year” award from the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) in 2018 for his outstanding contributions to the growth and development of the Information and Communications sector in Edo State.


Christopher Imumolen is a Nigerian politician who has made significant strides in politics. He has contributed positively to the development of his constituency and Edo State as a whole through his policies, programs, and initiatives. His net worth is also substantial, making him an influential figure in the Nigerian political space.

Check out Christopher Imumolen’s Wikipedia page to learn more about his life, career and accomplishments. You can also follow him on his social media handles on Twitter: @christopherimu2, and Instagram: @christopherimuen.

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