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Simone Simon Biography & Net Worth

Simone Simon, French actress (born April 23, 1910, Béthune, France—died Feb. 22, 2005, Paris, France), was much admired for her innocent appearance and on-screen...

Frances de la Tour Biography & Net Worth

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Frances McDormand Biography & Net Worth

Frances McDormand, in full Frances Louise McDormand, (born June 23, 1957, Gibson City, Illinois, U.S.), American actress who was critically acclaimed for her...

Jeanne Moreau Biography & Net Worth

Jeanne Moreau, (born January 23, 1928, Paris, France—died July 31, 2017, Paris), actress best known for her multifaceted performances in French New Wave...

France Nuyen Biography & Net Worth

France Nuyen is a Vietnamese-French actress, model as well as a psychological counselor of Vietnamese ancestry. She is also recognized for her...

Frances Bavier Biography And Net Worth

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