Buka Suka Dimka Biography, Net Worth, Career

Buka Suka Dimka: The Nigerian Military Officer Who Attempted a Coup

Buka Suka Dimka was a Nigerian military officer who attempted a coup against the government of General Murtala Mohammed on February 13, 1976. He was born in 1936 in the town of Biu in present-day Borno State, Nigeria. Dimka was a controversial figure who remains a subject of interest and debate in Nigeria’s history. He was executed for his role in the coup attempt on May 15, 1976.

Early Life and Education

Buka Suka Dimka was born in Biu, Borno State, Nigeria, in 1936. He was raised in a Muslim family and attended the Biu Elementary School. He later attended the Borno Middle School and the Barewa College in Zaria, where he obtained his secondary school education. Dimka joined the Nigerian Army in 1960 and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in 1962.

Career and Military Records

Buka Suka Dimka served in various capacities in the Nigerian Army. He was known for his bravery and dedication to his country. He was involved in several military operations and was highly decorated for his service.

Military Records and Reputations
Recipient of the General Service Medal
Recipient of the Congo Medal
Recipient of the National Service Medal
Recipient of the Defence Service Medal
Recipient of the Independence Medal

Personal Life

Buka Suka Dimka was married and had children. He was a devoted family man and loved spending time with his family. He was also known for his love of cars and had a collection of luxury cars. He owned a beautiful house in Lagos, Nigeria, where he lived with his family.

Net Worth

It is difficult to estimate Buka Suka Dimka’s net worth as he was a military officer and did not have a public financial profile. However, his contributions to the Nigerian Army and his reputation as a brave and dedicated officer are priceless. His legacy lives on and he will always be remembered as a controversial figure in Nigeria’s history.

Currency Net Worth
US Dollar Unknown
Nigerian Naira Unknown
Canadian Dollar Unknown
Ghana Cedi Unknown
Kenya Shilling Unknown
South Africa Rand Unknown
Uganda Shilling Unknown
India Rupee Unknown

Nominations and Awards

Buka Suka Dimka did not receive any nominations or awards for his role in the coup attempt. Instead, he was tried and convicted of treason and executed by firing squad on May 15, 1976.

Despite his controversial legacy, Buka Suka Dimka remains a subject of interest and debate in Nigeria’s history. His attempted coup was one of the most significant events in Nigeria’s political history and had far-reaching consequences for the country’s political landscape.

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