Becky Umeh Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, House, Cars

Becky Umeh is a talented Nigerian actress, known for her compelling on-screen performances. Born on December 8, 1970, she hails from Imo State located in the Southern part of Nigeria. Umeh started her journey into the entertainment industry in the early 2000s and has since featured in numerous movies, earning herself a reputable place in Nollywood.

Early Life and Education

Becky Umeh was born and raised in Imo State, Nigeria, where she had her primary and secondary education. After completing her secondary school education, she proceeded to the University of Lagos, where she earned a degree in Theatre Arts. Her passion and love for art led her to pursue a career in acting, despite her parents’ initial reservations about her chosen profession.


Becky Umeh began her acting career in the early 2000s, featuring in various Nollywood movies. Her excellent delivery and exceptional talent earned her several roles, and she became a household name in the industry. Some of the movies she has featured in include “Egg of Life” (2003), “Price of Ignorance” (2005), “The Jericho” (2006), “Keep Me Alive” (2009), “Gloves of Romance” (2012), and “Flower Girl” (2013), among others.


Title Year Role
Egg of Life 2003 Stella
Price of Ignorance 2005 Josephine
The Jericho 2006 Patience
Keep Me Alive 2009 Chioma
Gloves of Romance 2012 Juliet
Flower Girl 2013 Aunty Blessing

Becky Umeh’s performances in these movies were incredible and have earned her many fans. Her excellent portrayal of different roles has made her stand out among her peers, and she has continued to receive praises from industry critics and fans.

Awards and Nomination

Becky Umeh has won several awards and nominations throughout her career. She won the Best Supporting Actress in a Drama award for her role in the movie “Gloves of Romance” at the 2013 Nollywood Movies Awards. She also received a nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role at the 2014 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards for her role in the movie “Flower Girl.”

Personal Life

Becky Umeh is happily married and has kids. She has managed to keep her personal life private, and not much is known about her family and personal affairs. However, she maintains healthy relationships with her colleagues in the industry and is known for her friendly and pleasant personality.

Cars and House

Becky Umeh is considered one of the wealthiest actresses in Nigeria and has earned a considerable amount of money from her successful career. She owns several cars, including a Toyota Venza and a Mercedes Benz. Additionally, she has acquired a beautiful mansion in one of the luxurious parts of Lagos.

Net Worth

Becky Umeh is worth an estimated $500,000 in US dollars. Her net worth is approximately ₦200 million in Nigerian Naira, 3.5 million in Canadian Dollars, 11.4 million in Ghana Cedi, 18.9 million in Kenya Shilling, 5.8 million in South African Rand, 580 million in Uganda Shilling, and 37 million in Indian Rupee.

Becky Umeh’s net worth has been accumulated from her acting career, endorsement deals with top brands, and businesses. She remains one of the richest actresses in Nollywood and continues to enjoy her wealth.

Social Media

Becky Umeh is active on social media platforms and has a considerable following. Her Instagram handle, @officialbeckyumeh, has over 100k followers, while her Twitter account, @officialbecky, has over 10k followers.


You can find some of Becky Umeh’s movies on YouTube, including “Flower Girl” and “Gloves of Romance.”

Overall, Becky Umeh is an outstanding actress, a doting wife, and mother who has earned her rightful place in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Her impressive performances in various movies continue to win her accolades, and she remains a significant force to be reckoned with in the industry.

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