Badman Binladin Biography, Net Worth, Age, Songs, Father

Badman Binladin Net Worth, Biography, Age, Phone Number
Badman Binladin Biography Picture And Net Worth

The famous arewa musician Badman Binladin is one of the most popular singers and song writer in Nigeria, he is a musician that is well recognize in northern Nigeria.

Badman Binladin Biography Profile – Personal Information – Date Of Birth, Age, Parent, Family – Nationality and Country – State Of Origin – Race, Religion – Contact Information – Phone Number, Email – Social Media Accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – History

Real Name: Aliyu Haidar
Father Name: Haidar
Mother Name: Under Research
Children/Kids: Under Research
Nationality: Nigerian
Country: Nigeria
Born/Date Of Birth: Under Research
Age: Under Research
State Of Origin: Adamawa
House Address: Under Research
Occupation/Work: Singer, Song Writter
Marital Status: Single
Origin/Ethinc/Tribe: Hausa Fulani
Religion: Islam
Email: Under Research
Phone Number: Under Research
Net Worth In Dollar: $30,000 USD
Net Worth In Euro: €29,564 Euro
Net Worth In Naira: ₦20 Millions Naira

There is no denying the incredible musical skill of Badman Binladin, who has won the hearts of many young women in the northern region of Nigeria. One vocalist that isn’t given the opportunity to showcase their talent is Badman Binladin.

According to reports, his father didn’t want him to be a singer, and because of music, he was even thrown out of their house, you may like to see Deezell net worth and biography.

Being a Hausa musician in the northern region of Nigeria, many of his admirers frequently inquire about Badman Binladin’s net worth, thus we decided to compile this information.

Because he hasn’t had his big break yet and is still a young boy attempting to make a livelihood from what he does, strong>Badman Binladin isn’t as wealthy as you may be led to believe.

By analyzing the total amount of money Badman Binladin music has earned over the course of his career, we will be able to determine his net worth today.

Badman Binladin Early Life And Personal Life

Although Badman Binladin was born and reared in the northern Nigerian metropolis of Adamawa State, he lived in the federal capital area for the majority of his life.

While still a student, Badman Binladin began recording short videos of himself performing freestyles. Fortunately, these videos soon went viral online.

Because Badman Binladin’s father is a respectable sheik and doesn’t want him to become a musician, he was once chased out of their house but his father managed to bring him back. He receives terms and conditions from his father.

Badman Binladin Career

Every time you listen to Badman Binladin’s songs online, whether it’s on Apple Music, Spotify, or another streaming service, he gets paid.

In the course of his musical career, Badman Binladin has achieved a great deal of success and amassed a sizable following in the northern music scene.

Since he began making music five years ago, Badman Binladin has released a total of two albums, see DJ AB net worth and biography.

According to his stream analytics, he has received 15 million streams worldwide, and if he can monetize these streams, he will earn over $30,000, roughly.

It’s interesting to see how much money he has made from all the music he doesn’t release.

Local artist Badman Binladin is not so because he lacks talent; on the contrary, he has it, but due to familial troubles, he is unable to use it.

Badman Binladin earns money in two ways: first, through the local shows he produces in several areas of Nigeria; second, by the streams he receives, also read Morell net worth and biography.

We discovered that Badman Binladin management charges N500, 000 for each show that Badman Binladin puts on. In essence, each concert that Badman Binladin performs earns him half a million dollars.

He has been compensated for all of his performances, whether they were in Nigerian universities or during Sallah.

Badman Binladin Music And Songs

  • Love You
  • Mercy
  • Blessings
  • Sejeje
  • Loco Loco
  • Legend
  • You for Me
  • Kilode
  • Super
  • Fast Wine (feat. Basho)
  • Mami

Badman Binladin Net Worth

The famous arewa singer Badman Binladin has an estimated net worth of about $30,000 equivalent to about ₦20,000,000 Naira net worth in Nigeria currency.

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