Auta Waziri Net Worth, Age, Biography, Songs

Auta Waziri Net Worth, Age, Biography, Songs

The Full Biography of Auta Waziri, His Songs And Background

His name is Auta Waziri, he is from Kaduna state, Northern Nigeria.

Auta Waziri Personal Life

He grew up in Kaduna and he was raised up by his parent.

His Age

Auta is around 25 years old.

His State Of Origin

Auta is from Kaduna state one of the North Central states in Nigerian.

His Religion

Auta is a muslim and he practice Islamic religion.


Auta Waziri belong to one of the popular ethnic in Arewa Nigeria, the name of his tribe is Hausa Tribe.

Auta Educational Background

He attended his primary and secondary school in Kaduna state.

Auta Waziri Songs

He has sing many Hausa songs and music so far, below are the list of his Hausa song you may need to listen on Youtube.

Auta Waziri Net Worth

The net worth of Auta Waziri is estimated to be around $100,000 US Dollar, he is now becoming one of the richest Native Hausa singer in Arewa northern Nigeria.

His Net Worth In Naira

The net worth of Auta Waziri in Naira is probably about ₦80,000,000 Million Naira in Nigeria currency.