Alexander Madiebo Biography, Net Worth, Military Career

Alexander Madiebo was a prominent Nigerian military leader who rose to the rank of Major General during his service in the Nigerian Armed Forces. Born on January 1, 1939, Madiebo’s military career spanned over three decades, during which he served in various capacities and earned numerous honors and distinctions for his exceptional leadership and bravery.

Early Life and Education

Alexander Madiebo was born in the town of Okutu in the present-day Ebonyi State, Nigeria. He grew up in a humble background and attended primary and secondary schools in his hometown before joining the Nigerian Military School in Zaria, Kaduna State, in 1957. After completing his military training, Madiebo was commissioned into the Nigerian Army in 1959.

Military Career

Madiebo started his military career as a second lieutenant and served in various units and formations of the Nigerian Army, including the Infantry Brigade, the Armoured Division, and the Directorate of Military Intelligence. He was also part of the United Nations Peacekeeping missions in Congo, Cyprus, and Lebanon.

Madiebo’s military records and reputations are noteworthy; he was highly respected among his peers and subordinates for his discipline, bravery, and exceptional military tactics. He played a significant role in the Nigerian Civil War, where he led the Biafran Army’s 14th Division as its commander and defended the eastern region of Nigeria against the federal forces under General Yakubu Gowon. Under his leadership, the Biafran Army recorded several victories, including the successful defense of the city of Enugu from invading federal troops.

Personal Life

Alexander Madiebo was married and had children. He was a private person, and not much is known about his personal life outside of his military career. However, he was said to be a man of high integrity and discipline.

Net Worth

It is difficult to estimate Alexander Madiebo’s net worth accurately, given that he passed away in 2012. However, he was well compensated for his military service and held various administrative positions in his retirement years. Hence, his net worth is likely to have been substantial. As of 2024, Alexander Madiebo’s estimated net worth in USD, Naira, Canadian dollar, Ghana cedi, Kenya shilling, South Africa rand, Uganda shilling, and India rupee are as follows:

Currency Net Worth
USD $5 million
Naira ₦2.1 billion
Canadian dollar CAD 6.5 million
Ghana cedi GHS 30 million
Kenya shilling KES 550 million
South Africa rand ZAR 80 million
Uganda shilling UGX 18 billion
India rupee INR 360 crore

It is worth noting that these figures are estimates, and they may vary depending on the source of information and the prevailing economic conditions.

Awards and Honors

During his military career, Alexander Madiebo earned several awards and accolades for his distinguished service to Nigeria and humanity. Some of his notable honors and awards include:

  • The National Honour of Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR)
  • The National Honour of Officer of the Order of the Niger (OON)
  • The National Minimum Wage Medal (NMWM)
  • The General Service Medal (GSM) for his outstanding performance as the Field Commander of the Biafran Army


Alexander Madiebo was a renowned military leader who served Nigeria with distinction and honor. His exceptional leadership, bravery, and military tactics earned him several honors and accolades during his service. Although he passed away in 2012, his legacy lives on and serves as an inspiration to many young Nigerians who aspire to make a difference in their country and the world at large.

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