Adaora Ukoh Biography, Net Worth, Age, Cars, House, Awards

Adaora Ukoh Biography, Net Worth, Age, Cars, House, Awards

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Adaora Ukoh is a Nigerian actress known for her outstanding performances in the Nigerian movie industry. Born on the 27th of April, 1976, in Awka, Anambra state, Nigeria, she is the fourth child in a large family of seven siblings. Adaora was raised in Lagos, Nigeria, where she had her primary and secondary education.

Early Life and Educational Background

Adaora Ukoh had her primary education at Ojo Primary School, Lagos, Nigeria, and her secondary education at Kemberland College, Lagos. She later proceeded to University of Lagos where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Arts and a Master’s degree in Public Administration.

How She Started Her Career

Adaora Ukoh started her career in the entertainment industry as a model and later moved into acting. She made her acting debut in the Nigerian movie industry in 2005 and has since become a household name. She has acted in several Nollywood movies, including Family Battle, Festival of Sorrow, and World of Riches, among others.

Adaora Ukoh Filmography

Here is a list of some of Adaora Ukoh’s movies:

  • Family Battle (2005)
  • Festival of Sorrow (2007)
  • World of Riches (2010)
  • Love and Steal (2011)
  • Blind Bullet (2012)
  • Power Play (2013)
  • The Perfect Assistant (2014)

Adaora Ukoh Cars and House

As a successful actress in Nigeria, Adaora Ukoh lives a luxurious life. She owns a mansion in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria, and a fleet of cars, including a Mercedes-Benz G wagon, a Range Rover, and a Toyota Camry.

Personal Life and Marital Status

Adaora Ukoh is a private person and has managed to keep her personal life away from the public eye. Although there have been rumors of her being married, she has not confirmed or denied them.

Social Media Accounts

Adaora Ukoh is active on social media and has a large fan base. She can be found on Instagram as @adaoraukoh, on Twitter as @adaorau and on Facebook as Adaora Ukoh Official.

Net Worth

Adaora Ukoh is one of the wealthiest actresses in Nigeria, with an estimated net worth of $3.5 million in dollars, 1.3 billion naira in Nigeria, 14.7 million Canadian dollars, 99.6 million Ghana cedi, 315 million Kenya shilling, 34.2 million South African rand, 16.5 billion Uganda shilling and 252.5 million India rupee. She has accumulated her wealth through her successful acting career and endorsements.

Awards and Nominations

Adaora Ukoh has been recognized for her exceptional talent in acting, and has won several awards, including:
• African Movie Academy Awards for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in 2014 for her role in the movie “Lagos Cougars.”
• Nollywood Movies Awards for Best Supporting Actress in 2013 for her role in “Corporate Maid.”
• City People Entertainment Awards for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in 2013 for her role in “Corporate Maid” and “Garden of Love.”


Adaora Ukoh is a talented actress who has made a name for herself in the Nigerian movie industry. With her outstanding performances, she has accumulated wealth, won awards, and gained a large fan base. She is a true inspiration to many, and her legacy in the entertainment industry will continue to be remembered for years to come.