Adama Barrow Biography, Net Worth, Career, Early Life

Adama Barrow is the current and 3rd President of The Gambia, serving since January 2017. He was born on February 16, 1965, in Mankamang Kunda in the Upper River Region of The Gambia.

Early Life and Education

Barrow was born to a family of traditional Muslim clerics. He was raised in a large, extended family with eight siblings. Barrow’s family was not wealthy, and he often had to walk several miles to school each day. Despite this, he was a good student, and after completing his secondary education, he moved to London, England, where he studied real estate at various institutions. He later gained work experience in various companies in London and eventually returned to The Gambia.

Career and Political Reputation

Barrow began his business career in the mid-2000s in the real estate sector. He eventually became a prominent player in the sector, creating his own real estate company called Majum Real Estate. Barrow gained national recognition in The Gambia when he announced his intention to run for president in 2016 as an independent candidate. He defeated the incumbent President Yahya Jammeh in a surprise victory and became the third president of The Gambia in January 2017. Since then, Barrow’s government has been focusing on improving the economy, human rights, and democracy in The Gambia.

Government and Awards

The Gambia has a multiparty democratic system of government, similar to those found in other African countries. President Barrow’s administration has been working to improve the country’s democracy and political stability since assuming office. Barrow has received awards, including the African Union’s prestigious Kwame Nkrumah Regional Award for leadership, for his work towards the development of The Gambia’s democracy and economy.

Personal Life and Net Worth

Barrow is a devout Muslim and is married with five children. He is a highly private individual who keeps his personal life away from the public sphere. His net worth in US dollars is estimated to be around 900,000, and his value in naira is approximately 370 million. Meanwhile, his net worth in Canadian dollars is around 1.1 million, and in Ghana cedi, it is 6.5 million. In Kenyan shilling, his net worth is 97 million, in South African rand, it is 12.5 million, while in Uganda shilling, his net worth is around 3.2 billion. In India rupee, his net worth is approximately 65 crores. He owns some real estate properties and cars, including a Range Rover.


In conclusion, Adama Barrow is an accomplished Gambian politician and businessman. He has worked diligently to improve his country’s democracy, economy, and political stability since taking office in 2017. His values and commitment to improving his people’s lives are evident in his numerous achievements and recognition in The Gambia and beyond.

For more information, see Adama Barrow’s Wikipedia page.

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