Abiodun Koya Biography, Net Worth, Age, Cars, House

Abiodun Koya Biography, Net Worth, Age, Cars, House

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Abiodun Koya is a renowned Nigerian musician, gospel singer, and composer. She was born on July 14, 1976, in Lagos State, Nigeria. Koya is fondly called the “African Voice” because of her uniqueness and captivating vocal abilities. She has released several albums that have gained her recognition and awards over the years.

Early Life and Education

Abiodun Koya was raised in a Christian home, and her passion for music started when she was in elementary school. Her family attended a local church where she joined the choir and began to hone her singing abilities. Koya attended Catholic Comprehensive High School and later proceeded to study Mass Communication at the Lagos State University. Her education in Mass Communication helped her communicate her message to a wider audience.


Koya’s official music career started in 2005 when she released her first album titled “Goodness in Me”. Since then, she has released several other albums that have made her a household name in Nigeria and beyond. Her other albums include “Alagbara”, “Ore Ofe”, “Spirit of Light”, and “Glory to the Lamb”, among others. Abiodun Koya’s music is a fusion of contemporary and traditional gospel sounds that has brought healing to many.

List of Abiodun Koya’s Albums

Album Name Year Released
Goodness in Me 2005
Alagbara 2009
Ore Ofe 2012
Spirit of Light 2015
Glory to the Lamb 2018

Abiodun Koya has achieved an immense amount of success that has seen her travel the world to perform and collaborate with other international musicians. Her music is loved by many, and she has won numerous awards that reflect her talent and dedication. Some of the awards she has won include the African Gospel Music and Media Awards – Best Female Gospel Artist in Africa and the Trumpet Africa Gospel Awards – Best West African Female Gospel Artist.

Personal Life

Abiodun Koya is a private person, and not much is known about her personal life. She is married to an undisclosed husband, and they have children together. Her family has been very supportive of her career, which has helped her remain focused all these years.

Cars and House

Abiodun Koya has not disclosed her cars and house to the public as well. She maintains a low profile and focuses on her music career.

Net Worth

Abiodun Koya’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, which translates to about 774,000,000 Nigerian Naira. Her net worth in Canadian dollar is estimated to be CAD 2.5 million, while her net worth in South African Rand is estimated to be around ZAR 27 million. Her net worth in Kenya shilling is estimated to be KSH 216 million, while her worth in Ghana Cedi is estimated to be around GHS 12 million. She also has a net worth of about 144 million Ugandan Shillings and 150 million Indian Rupees. It is fair to say that Abiodun Koya has made a considerable fortune from her music career.


You can check out Abiodun Koya’s profile and music on Boomplay. Also, you can follow her on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to keep up with her updates and new releases.

Overview of Net Worth

The table below shows Abiodun Koya’s net worth in different currencies:

Currency Net Worth
US Dollar $2 million
Nigerian Naira 774,000,000 Naira
Canadian dollar CAD 2.5 million
South African Rand ZAR 27 million
Kenyan Shilling KSH 216 million
Ghana Cedi GHS 12 million
Ugandan Shilling 144 million
Indian Rupee 150 million