50 Best Happy Easter Text Sms For Your Father/Dad

Here we published the list of 50 best happy easter text sms for your father or dad as we promise you on our previous post of text messages for your mother.

If you want to make your dad feel very happy during this easter celebration, you need to make him feel special among the billions of men in the world.

How can you wishes him and make your him feel happy during this Happy Easter celebration? Don’t worry we get you cover with these list of sweet messages for your daddy.

List Of 50 Best Happy Easter Text Sms For Your Father

1. Dad, this Easter I’m wishing you a joyous holiday filled with fun, laughter, and good times.

2. Wishing you a wonderful Easter and a blessed new year, Dad!

3. Sending lots of love to you this Easter, Dad. May you have an egg-cellent day!

4. Hoping you have a bright and beautiful Easter, Dad!

5. Dad, wishing you a very happy and meaningful Easter this year.

6. May you enjoy Easter in the company of friends and family! All the best, Dad.

7. Sending lots of hugs and kisses to you this Easter, Dad. Have a great one!

8. Have a wonderful Easter and a blessed spring, Dad!

9. Dad, you are the most amazing father in the world. Wishing you a happy and very memorable Easter!

10. Dad, your guidance and support means so much to me. Wishing you a happy Easter and a wonderful spring!

11. Dad, this Easter is the perfect time to show our appreciation for all of your hard work. Wishing you a very happy Easter!

12. Dad, have an amazing Easter filled with tasty Easter treats and lots of love!

13. Popping in to wish you an Easter full of joy and wonderful memories with your loved ones, Dad!

14. Thankful for your example and love throughout the year. Wishing you a blessed Easter and renewed faith, Dad!

15. Dad, I am so thankful for your love and support throughout the years. Wishing you a wonderful and blissful Easter holiday!

16. Wishing you a holiday filled with joy, fun, and cheer, Dad. Happy Easter!

17. To the best father, I know, Happy Easter! May today be extra special for you.

18. Dad, Easter is a great reminder to us all to strive for kindness and goodness in our lives. Wishing you peace and joy this Easter!

19. May God bless your Easter with peace and happiness. Wishing you a blessed Easter, Dad!

20. Dad, sending positive vibes your way this Easter. Have a wonderful holiday!

21. To the world’s greatest father, I wish you a very happy Easter and a joyous new year.

22. Dad, have a safe and wonderful Easter! May every day ahead be filled with joy and happiness!

23. Dad, having you as my father has been such a blessing! Have a wonderful Easter.

24. Sending you lots of warm wishes and a big hug on this Easter! Enjoy your special day, Dad!

25. May God continue to bless you with laughter and joy this Easter and beyond. Wishing you the happiest of Easter celebrations, Dad!

26. Have a Happy Easter and a wonderful spring, Dad! You deserve to spend it in greatness.

27. Dad, send you hugs, kisses and lots of love on this Easter! Wishing you a very blessed and joyful holiday.

28. May you have a beautiful and peaceful Easter, Dad! Enjoy every minute of it.

29. Hoping the Easter bunny brings you an extra special basket of treats this year, Dad!

30. Wishing you more laughter, joy, and peace this Easter. Have a blessed one, Dad!

31. Dad, you are a source of light and joy in my life. Sending love and best wishes on this Easter!

32. Hoping this Easter extra special and joyous for you, Dad! Wishing you love and peace.

33. Dad, have a joyful and meaningful Easter filled with moments of happiness and reflection.

34. Dad, you are one of the greatest blessings in my life! Wishing you lots of Easter eggs and treats!

35. Wishing you a wonderful and unforgettable Easter, Dad! May this special day be filled with plenty of jubilant moments!

36. Dad, may your Easter be filled with contentment, reflection, and joy. Wishing you a happy Easter!

37. To the coolest dad, have an egg-stra special and egg-citing Easter!

38. May angels protect and guide you this Easter. Wishing you a blessed Easter and renewed faith, Dad!

39. May the Easter bunny bring you lots of eggs and candy this Easter, Dad! Have a great one.

40. Wishing you a fantastic Easter, Dad. Enjoy this holiday with your family and friends.

41. Dad, may your Easter be full of yummy treats and sweet memories.

42. Wishing you a blessed and peaceful Easter, Dad. Enjoy it to the fullest!

43. I hope this Easter brings you lots of joy and peace, Dad! Joyous Easter!

44. Dad, may you find joy and fulfillment this Easter! Sending you lots of love and warmth!

45. May abundance, joy and love fill your home this Easter, Dad! Happy Easter!

46. Dad, sending you lots of Easter hugs and wishes of love! May you have a wonderful Easter holiday!

47. I am so thankful for your guidance and love throughout the years. Wishing you a peaceful and joyful Easter, Dad.

48. Dad, wishing you tons of Easter eggs and a few surprises this Easter! Have a happy one.

49. Having you as a father has been such a blessing. Sending love and best wishes on this Easter!

50. Dad, it is my hope that this Easter brings you much joy and sunshine! May all of your dreams come true.

We hope you find this happy easter text sms messages very helpful and we hope you can share it to your friends too.

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