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Ukonu Ogechi Biography & Net Worth (Caramel Plug/Sugar)

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index 4 Ukonu Ogechi Biography & Net Worth (Caramel Plug/Sugar)


Ukonu Ogechi, also fondly known as Caramel Plug or Caramel Sugar is a popularly known Nigerian Online Comedian, YouTuber, ranter and content creator.

She was born on May 28, 2000. Ukonu is of an Igbo decent from Abia State of Nigeria, presently based in Canada.

Educational Background

Ukonu Ogechi is currently studying at the University of Fraser Valley, Canada.

Ukonu Ogechi Career

Ukonu started off as a YouTuber doing YouTube videos since December 2018 and has made vlogs for the channel till date.

The Nigerian born talented star was not initially ready to go into comedy, but over time, her work through Snapchat soon got the popularity it deserves from her friends and well-wishers.
The positive comments and encouragements soon spurned her into action making her to open instagram account where she posts most of her hilarious rant videos.

The Nigerian born online superstar’s popularity grew in 2019 after one of her videos where she displayed the constant and annoying hype game of Throne Series.
The exceptional series blew out of proportion and was well received by high profile/ popular instagram accounts.
Ogechi is a brand Ambassador to Payparte, a deal she signed in December 23, 2020.

Ogechi is such a social media personality with large followers of over 300,000 on her comedy instagram page.

Ukonu Ogechi Personal Life

Ukonu Ogechi is not yet married but she believed to be in a relationship which she keeps top secret from the public or social media.
She revealed that her personality on screen is a little bit different from her real person.

Ukonu Ogechi Net Worth

Ukonu Ogechi is one of the richest and most influential Online Comedy stars in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of about $300,000 dollars.

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