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The Best Way To Worship God is In Your Language

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The YORUBA MAN who happens to be a MUSLIM can not relate with God unless he does so in the language of the ARABS.

He has been told that his prayers to the Almighty Allah are more rewarding if they are said in the ARABIC language.

So, the Yoruba man must learn the Arabic language and toss his own mother tongue (Yoruba language) into the dustbin when he prays,  a language from centuries of great civilizations, proud heritage and unmatchable Spiritual essence.

Then the Yoruba man must break his neck to visit the lands of the Arabs at least once in his lifetime to connect with the spirituality and the ancestors of the Arabs,  whereas he hardly knows the road to his own ancestral home town in Yoruba land which he has long forsaken and also disconnected with his own ancestors.

The Yoruba man after years of studying the books of the Arabs in  “Ilë kéwú” and from many extensive “intellectual researches” will come out and very proudly displays his mastery of the “beauty of his [ Arab ]  religion and proficiency in command of the Arab language.

As a matter of fact, if a Yoruba “Alfa” was delivering a sermon and quoting the Qu’ran he is more or less mandated to first quote the Qu’ran in Arabic before translating same into Yoruba for his miserable audience who doesn’t understand how to catch up. It is something that gives him indescribable honour from his audience.

But the YORUBA MAN + His Qur’anic knowledge + Arab language + 5 daily prayers + he carries the mosque on his head 24/7  is nothing but a filthy rag in the sight of the Arabs who will rather respect the Fulani Muslims. 

If you tell him this glaring fact my Yoruba Muslim brothers will argue with you that “Islam isn’t about the Arabs but worship to Allah”. But when it was time to shut down the Ka’aba in 2020 the Yoruba man wasn’t consulted and he couldn’t go there for anything because THE KA’ABA WASNT/ISNT IN OSOGBO!!!

The result AND REALITY right now is that the YORUBAS are perhaps the most geopolitically  endangered, socially disintegrated and economically dying tribe in the whole of Nigeria.

E mu ra si!!!

By Adedamola Adetayo

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