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Lazarus Muoka Biography & Net Worth

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Lazarus Muoka biography Lazarus Muoka Biography & Net Worth

Here’s Lazarus Muoka Biography – Lazarus Muoka is a Nigerian pastor, healing minister, evangelist, and author. He leads one of Nigeria’s largest Christian congregation known as the Lords Choosen Charismatic Revival Ministries.

From his orthodox catholic background, Pastor Lazarus was extracted by God to start up his own ministry with the purpose of liberating souls massively for Christ.

His church is a young one but boasts of an army of congregation recording about 25-30,000 persons in a single service.

His calling is quite a unique one which led him to become a public religious figure when he started the Lords Choosen Church.

His rare healing powers and periodical healing crusades both in Lagos and his home state of Imo always comes as a healing and miracle galore, where hundreds of souls are being healed and delivered.

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Miracles are obnoxious in such gatherings and the number increases with each new meeting.

Pastor Lazarus is a household name in the Nigerian Christian community.

The bulk of his popularity is linked to his church and the members who have made it a point of duty to showcase how much they love God in very incredible and dramatic ways.

They are known for their signature traffic attire in their slew of numbers occupying the major streets across cities in Nigeria while they rally with uncommon acrobatics as they go gaga for Christ.

You have to give it to them, the most dramatic church Nigeria has ever seen.

We look at the profile one rare man of God who has garnered fame and relevance in record time.

Full Name: Lazarus Muoka

Nationality: Nigerian

State: Imo

Occupation: Pastor and Author

Spouse: Joy Muoka

Below is Lazarus Muoka Biography (2020)

Early Life

Lazarus Muoka had a very humble upbringing from likewise humble roots.

He was born in his hometown of Mgbidi in Oru West, Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria.

He was birthed into a Catholic family and was brought up in that parochial background.

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After his primary and secondary education in Mgbidi his birthplace and clan, he went in search of lush green pastures in Lagos in 1975 where he learned the vehicle spare parts business and was steadfast in it which paid off handsomely in helping him set up his own spare part business before God interrupted his works and demanded for his services in the Kingdom.

Lazarus Muoka Biography (2018)Lazarus Muoka Biography (2018)

Becoming Born Again

Pastor Lazarus Muoka’s first encounter with God wasn’t like the average testimonies of such encounters.

He first heard of the good news of the gospel while on transit.

As the preacher continued his messages in the bus, he was touched immensely and made a resolution to give his life to Christ.

Subsequently, he joined the church of the bus preacher which was a catholic one and became faithful with them till he was made a pastor in same church.

The Call & TLCRM

When God wants to use men distinctly for a specific purpose, he sorts them out while they are busy already because God hates the slothful.

This was the case for Lazarus who was actively involve in his former church as a pastor but in 1994 had his dream characterized by incessant calls from God to go set up his own.

When he finally obeyed that call admist making a tough decision to leave the church he was serving, The Lord’s Choosen Charismatic Revival Ministries (TLCCRM) came alive in Illasamaja, Lagos, Nigeria.

The year was 2002 and the young church experienced a cataysed record growth that awed it’s onlookers when in 2003 it recorded a whopping 25, 000 attendance in a single service.

This membership population upsurge forced the church to acquire 10 plots at the Amuwo-odofin area of Lagos which was really not enough because they had to acquire more totalling about 60 plots where they began building in earnest same 2003 while they were yet to celebrate an anniversary.

Pastor Lazarus obviously had the call evident in his ministry when his congregation population exploded to 30,000, that’s about the highest in such a very minute time frame.

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His church headquarters has since transformed into a haven for miracles, signs and wonders.

The church attracts individuals from across the world weekly and has it’s branches littered across the nation with almost every major city having numerous branches of the Lord’s Choosen.

Don’t forget that they have an undeniable presence where ever they are.

When asked how he was able to attract such a massive membership within a short time frame, Pastor Lazarus said “The truth remains that If God calls you; He will establish you, no matter the situation.

He will attract the people.

Though, you cannot see God, but if you do His will, you will prosper and that is what we preach here.

Our credo at the Lord’s Choosen is “Do the will of God and prosper.”

Personal Life

Pastor Lazarus Muoka lives a very conservative life and everything he does is being dictated by God, even relaxing.

He is happily married to Joy Muoka and they are blessed with children.

Lazarus Muoka biographyLazarus Muoka biography


Pastor Lazarus has authored only a handful of books and that is understood judging from when he started out on his own to establish his church.

His Books Includes

How God Called Me

Mark My Words

And Ye Shall Receive Power

Ye Must Be Born Again

Christianity: A Better and Pure Religion


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