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- A Nigerian couple has shocked guests at their wedding after rocking an unusual jewelry

- The coup le were spotted wearing rolls of cash on their necks like chains on their special day

- Bride and groom both wore rolls of dollars and naira on their necks

A move by a bride and g room at a Nigerian traditional wedding has raised lots of eyebrows due to the choice of jewelry the couple chose to rock to their party. The couple chose to use money as an accessory.

In a photo shared on social media, the bride a nd groom were spotted rocking rolls of cash in naira and dollars on their necks like chains.

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Though this may seem weird or wasteful, it could have been an idea of fun among friends of the couple to wear it on them at the venue, i t could also be a tradition or even something couple decided to do on their own, there are so many possible things that could have led to the cash chain.

Nigerian couple wear chain made of naira and dollar on their wedding day Source: @seyiasolo
Source: Instagram

However, the photo caught the attention of a Nigerian who expressed displeasure by their display of wealth.

The Nigerian man Seyi Asolo, who is a music minister, had shared the photo on his Instagram page with a long note expressing his opinion. Asolo noted that it is a shame to witness what the couple did with the money.

According to him, Nigeria is a country where many go to sleep without food and millions ca nnot afford a day of three square meals, but people still show wealth this way.


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