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1. Sogba/Yebo - A child got through gods (Shrine) ~ Nupe Names

2. Shirun - A child came through uterus ~ Nupe Names

3. Ceyagi - A child who lost mother after or during birth ~ Nupe Names

4. Zanna - The father died before he/she was born ~ Nupe Names

5. Audi - A child you lost parents at infant age ~ Nupe Names

6. Gulu - Took a long time before birth (Give birth but die either instantly or shortly after birth) ~ Nupe Names

7. Kuru/Ryatwa - Took a long time before birth (Didn't give birth at all) ~ Nupe Names

8. Bini - Came to the world through legs ~ Nupe Names

9. Guye - Came to the world with leaf ~ Nupe Names

10. Sokoeyanya o/Tsubenya - The parents expected either Baby Girl but gave birth to Boy (Yahaya/ Farahat/Maryam) ~ Nupe Names

11. Gbongbo/Gbongboroko - First birth or first being ~ Nupe Names

12. Tsoede - A child who came to the world with sign on his/her lip ~ Nupe Names

13. Edegi - A child whose father magrated before his/her birth (Ismail/Adnan/Balkisu) ~ Nupe Names

14. Gbogbori - Came to the world with fat body ~ Nupe Names

15. Kpyamu - Came to the world with slim body ~ Nupe Names

15. Teugi - Shout heavily after birth ~ Nupe Names

17. Zunyegi - Cry not after birth ~ Nupe Names


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