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Afnan Nura Sanabe, One of new young upcoming Arewa Artist Said:

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One of my great aim in life is to get popular in Nigeria through Arewa hip hop music than late Lil Amir, Said by Afnan Nura Sanabe From Abu Abdul-Muhseen Shamsudeen, how did you hear with the gist that me and New Upcoming Artist called Lil Afnan son of Artist Nura Sanabe (King Of Hausa Artists In Niger State)

Afnan said:
"Honestly I have no any aim in my life than to get promoted and poplur by Arewa Music Hip Hop like late Lil Amir had on his life time, or promotion, i hope my name has reach everywhere as New Arewa Upcoming Artist in Nigeria.

All these statement is from a new talent young boy which aim is to become popular Hip - Hop Artist in Arewa Nigeria, who's name is Afnan Nura Sanabe Lil Afnan.

Said by Prestige Fm:
According to discussion we had with Afnan in their hause located at Tunga Farm Center Minna, a young talented boy of 9 years old Afnan Nura Sanabe also said he have a good sponsored by his parent, with his aiming of becoming A popular Arewa hip hop Artist also said he has many new music to be release in market now.

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Afnan Nura Sanabe said now he is in Primary 3, Afnan Nura Also said most of his musics he sang is base on Encouraging youth to get educated, Afnan Nura said he also sing some love song, Politics song and others.

Anfan Nure, a talented young Arewa hip hop said by the Grace of God, he is on the proccess of releasing a music he sang for the Governor of Niger state Dr Abubakar Sani Bello Lolo, on the benefits of education rise in Kaduna, and new song wich name is "LOKACI"

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Afnan Nura Sanabe (Lil Afnan) also call on youths of Niger state and all over Nigeria, Expecially the youths of Arewa that they should be a creative and creat something that they will depend on their selve, and not depend on anyone through creating bussines for them selves and also seeks for knowledge and education.

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Afnan Nura also advice Arewa and all over Nigeran youth to avoid been lazyness and messing up around with bad area guys, in other to have good life and people in future, Said by Afnan Nura Sanabe.

Source: Prestige Fm Radio Minna.

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